Friday, May 28, 2010

Ja Ja Ja Kabootar Ja Ja Ja

I blame Maine Piyar Kiya and Suraj Barjatya...the Roadside Romeos might have long retired the Salman Khan caps but two decades to the day when Bhagyashree wore THAT poofy dress to the party, we are still quoting the Larka Larki Kabhi Dost Nahee Hosaktey lines exchanged towards the end of the party. The movie introduced to the Indian film industry two "fresh new faces...nayey chehrey" . Drum Roll. Bhagyashree and one pigeon (Salman Khan had already appeared in a sidey bratty brother role in Biwi Ho Tau Aisi). Thus pigeons all over started flocking to Bombay for that one chance in the industry. Masakali in Delhi-6 just repeated that craze. And now I suspect a hapless Pakistani pigeon has done a Nasir Sultan, flying across the LOC with dreams in his eyes to be part of Bollywood history. Read the rest of the story here:

They say the pigeon has a mobile number stamped on it and was most probably carrying a message. I can bet that if they do find the note (or call the number) it is Raju from Sialkot hoping to make Franship with you Bhagyashree (the woman just refuses to age).

Loverboy Pigeon has been the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal week. I usually keep to myself on May 28th and Gman prefers to give me a wide berth lest I bite his head off. Yaum Takbeer has that effect on me. However, May 28 2010 kind of raised the bar to all previous depressing anniversaries. It is difficult to watch live coverage of terrorist acts considering the coverage has morphed into a macabre spectator sport. It is compounded when you hear the anchor being very careful that the religious spaces are not referred to as mosques. I could feel the bile rising in my throat when I heard the asinine protestations of our parliamentarians lamenting why the terrorists had to choose THIS day, a day of national pride, when the world recognized our " country's greatness " (sub text: and ruining all the cake cutting for us).

And I ask Why Not?

We are all aware how May 1998 was a time when all the paranoia about the Other, fanaticism, hostility and militaristic values were given societal, religious and state sanction in Pakistan and India. In Pakistan you had the religious elite passing edicts that CTBT was against the injunctions of the Holy Quran particularly Surah Anfal:Verse 60. A generation grew up believing that following a policy of restraint and dialogue is being spineless (at this stage I am not getting into a feminist critique of the language employed at the time which has led to " masculine" values being valorized). In the past six decades we have also been taught to deride the Ahmedis with the Ahmedi-Zionist-USA-RAW nexus being blamed for most of our woes. So why are we surprised if the anniversary celebrations of an Act of Violence is 'celebrated' so? Frankly I for one am seems a natural progression of the path we decided to take twelve years ago.

What will surprise me (and Im hoping to God that I am) if certain Pakistanis step out and protest this act. They have been very eager to go out on the streets when silly social networking groups bait them. Please make my day and I swear next May 28th I will be out flying the green and white and baking a Happy Yaum Takbeer cake.


  1. LOVED this post! you couldn't be more right

  2. great post. wish i had the heart to mirror your anger though. beats plain old despondency any day.

  3. Blogger seems to have gobbled up my previous comment on your previous post :( Anyway, award for you on me blog.

  4. I feel your pain. Man's stupid inhumanity to man seems to be increasing:(

  5. i dont know what to say or think. im just pissed off because i feel useless.

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    Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

  7. Insightful.... (have to say I'm most impressed with how seamlessly you started with kabootar in 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and ended with the twisted and sad political/social scene ...Nicely done!)

  8. Glad that I could articulate some of the pain and angst you all are going through.
    @inspirationalladdu: it was easy to link the two...considering all actors involved are bird brained.


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