Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bengali May Kehtey Hain....

You know you are a 17 month old in Bangladesh:

1) When asked whether you want pai (milk) you say Chaa (tea)

2) (Let Gloria E know please) Rhythm did get to you . You recite the numbers as One Two-Cha Cha Cha (how could we let Pancham Da's birthday go amiss)

3) Your picture book has ten illustrations for fruits and vegetables, twenty three for fish.

4) Your parents have to think twice and consult five people before getting a football jersey for you (lest we offend someone's religious sensibilities).

We now know Messi is God here (so no maid or driver will leave in a huff)

5) Well this one is not connected to Dhaka but it is something you said this month. For a couple of days you were good enough to nod your head for a yes or no when I asked whether you wanted to go. And then one day you said to yourself Oh My God, wont it be more exciting my way. So

Arhaan? Do you have to poop?
And you point to your butt and screamCheckkk!!


  1. ROFLing @ Checkkkk!

  2. Checkkk??! LOL! where did he learn that?

  3. Too right! Just check Mom.

  4. hahahaha kitna cutiee hai!!

  5. Cutie!! When are you coming back???

  6. Where did he learn that ? What a scream !


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