Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sabaq Aisa, Padhha Diya.. Tune.

Lest we forget:

** On our flight back Gman realises that Arhaan can point (when asked) to most of the stuff in magazines and his books. It is a sobering moment as we realise that this kid knows more than he has been letting on. Gman sighed and reflected on how all these random items have been etched FOREVER in his baby's mind.
Imagine Aneela for life he will know this is a shirt, these are his socks.

(khair, for life is a bit too much as most of the time his parents are asking each other for that blue jo hai na in the cupboard.

Blue shirt?

No no. That, which was there.

This? The grey trouser?


Then what?

Ive forgotten now.)

Sobering thought: If the kid is absorbing For Life (with some reservations) what socks and shirts are, he is most probably also learning For Life what right and wrong is (or what his parents think chalta hai). I think children are sent to us for the express purpose of cleaning up our act, you know kind of a refresher course in Good Values and Moral Science.

** We were transiting through Singapore. We resisted the urge to veg out at Arcadia Road and Orchard and stayed in the lounge. But not for long as Arhaan loves the play area; so we had to get out of the lovely massage chairs and abandon the nice food platter I had made for ourselves (Three decades and counting of queuing up for food at weddings and the Sizzler Salad Bar, we have perfected it to a fine art OK). Arhaan went crazy at the slide and rocking horse, but not as ballistic as the Transiting Toddler from Japan. Red Bull and Maa Ka Piyar had given him wings and how. The long suffering father would try to follow him but would give up exhausted. The toddler ran into windows, fell off from the slide, tripped over himself, but was ready to go each time. Resilient Economy na ho. The father seemed concerned and would go O-ho. The mother was chilled out. All In a Day’s Work and all and took some time off. I chatted with the father for a while, he was really exhausted and for a change Arhaan was the good one and someone wanted pointers from me. After a while the mother returned from her expedition and passed a small pharmacy packet to her partner, he checked the contents and put it in his backpack. Ab its bad manners to go through other people’s laundry and their shopping, but for the wise its enough to know that there are 99 % chances the toddler didn’t get a sibling that night (I bet the dad wanted to know why they didn’t think of it three years ago).

** I realise now how much Arhaan absorbs from me. Certain people continued to use their mobiles when the plane was taking off and switched them on as the runway approached. I announced in a loud voice How Inconsiderate People Are. Some of Us Have Children and Would Like It if they Get To See Their Next Birthday. I begged Gman to translate it in Bengali and preferably stare ominously as well (he is a wuss and told the cabin staff ,considering we are still in grade one and only Miss will take on the class bully, however he did comply with the dirty looks request and gave some nasty looks in their general direction). It was later as we were getting off the plane that one of them goofily came up to us and asks Arhaan “ Babu? Ghoom pachey naki?” (sleepy are we?) and Arhaan turned around and I swear hissed in the man’s face.

And so the learning begins.


  1. What a loyal son you have, bless him:)

  2. LOL!!!that was hillarious!!

  3. The Japanese episode was hilarious - the poor man would have been too exhausted anyway :)
    The cellphone switchons irritate me no end .Good that Arhaan hissed at the man !
    Oh BTW we were wondering why you call your blog golkamra - will check back for a clarification tomorrow !:)

  4. will get that thru to Dipali and Sue - we were wondering ...:)

  5. Dipali: Hope he stays that way but yes but the pressure to clean up our act
    Trish; you mean the hissing bit?
    Eves Lungs: Glad to clear up that confusion


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