Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi

I admit that I have been very late with this post (my birthday is on July 4, but considering we have to pay Oliver Stone royalty every time we say Oh so born on the 4th of July? any mention of my birthday is kept to a bare minimum). Plus the Americans manage to requisition all the balloons and firecrackers in the Northern Hemisphere so we cant have as much masti magic. Eons ago, kids in school would remark Uff tumhey Amereekan visa yoon lag jaayega. Clearly even at a young age we had our qibla durast.

But it was a really lovely day. I got three of the cakes featured in the pic above. By the end of the evening, I bet the guy at the bakery had started piping Happy Birthday Aneela everytime someone asked for a dark chocolate cake. Arhaan got high on all the chocolate and I assume secondary candle fumes. Regrettably towards the end of the evening he had stripped off and was channeling Fardeen Khan snorting flowers in a corner.

When Babies Go Bad

And the following Friday the party continued with a group of us going out to Mainland China. Much fun was had until Arhaan punched an overhead lamp, and short circuited the place. Most of the patrons thought it was load shedding so we did manage to exit the place with some dignity. Arhaan is none the worse for wear and amuses himself with an 'action replay' of the evening (skipping along Nee nah, nee nah-- punch--mock shudder--on floor).

My mother and Gman have pooled in resources to give me an awesome one week beach holiday in Koh Samui, followed by a month in Pakistan (I guess this is what they meant by the gift that keeps on giving...nani ka ladla being around full time and all). I will be joined by my sister and her children (loosely translated as Free Babysitters Inc) so fingers crossed, and personal hotline to Allah established Im ready for exciting times ahead.

So all in all it has been a good week for me with the promise of fun times to come.
I am debating whether I should get Pesho's travel carrier for Arhaan. The boy is in a hurry to get to the terrible of the terrible twos before his second birthday.


  1. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me. Enjoy your holidays. :)

  2. Three cakes on one's birthday sounds like perfection to me!! And the super-duper holiday...sure bliss! Have a blast, my dear!! Am so glad you enjoyed your special day :-)

  3. Enjoyed reading about Arhaan's antics, must have been less enjoyable at the time though!

    Good you had a great b'day :) Enjoy your vacation

  4. Belated happy bday! Wish you many more such bdays and even more such fab gifts :)

  5. Belated happy b'day and I hope you have a great holiday with baby sitters inc :)

    The punching the overhead lamp must have been some experience!!!

  6. Hey, I missed this post. Belated happy birthday!

    Need holiday updated ASAP!

  7. Belated Happy birthday

    hope you have a great time on your birthday ...


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