Friday, August 13, 2010

Umeed-e-sahar ki baat suno

Do not keep off the grass. Take time off to admire the little people even if they look a bit strange.. Respect the green and love the white.

Steal the gardener's bike for a joy ride.

Be part of the chaar ana seethi crowd at the show

Take time off to smell the roses. (or at least notice them!)

The dreams of the innocent.. Can our elusive dawn be here yet?!!!!!

Golkamra key karamfarmao ko Independence Day kee khushyan mubarak


  1. That pic of Arhaan asleep - just like my P ! I just want to lie there next to him and cuddle up, adorable :)

  2. Aap sab ko bhi!
    Arhaan is looking so sweet in all the pics!

  3. Happy Independence Day that was. :)


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