Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aai Aai Ya Karoon Main Kya

Heellllppp...Month 20 is here and there is no sign of the Curse of E-I-E-I-O being lifted (the bub's fascination for Old McDonald and his farm remember). Sukoo Sukoo help us please?

Since I last wrote we made a blink and you missed us tour to Melbourne (where Arhaan and me contracted the mother of all gastro bugs, ha ha eat that Western standards of hygeine are different than desi) and I tried to steal an election but just could not. I did get to watch Inception so not all was lost (other than body fluids and essential salts)

So we enter Month Twenty. Not that he was ever the Hai Meri Mummy tied to my dupatta strings type but every day brings brand new emotional independence, making it ever so difficult to manage the tightrope of allowing him to make (up his own mind) and not break (his bones).

Dear Arhaan,

Some vignettes from the month past .

One afternoon I returned from changing your pamper and disposing of the unmentionables to find that you have disappeared.

I hunted high and low,

no ends to the lengths i went to ,

to find you again (hee hee, remember A-Ha)

and you were still nowhere to be found. Discovering the sliding door to the balcony open (the balcony is grilled in but still) I stepped out heart in mouth and you were there sitting on a couch looking out contemplatively. Sit, you gesture to me and point out to the birds. “Birds, Mamaji?” To your credit you were not hanging from the grill or tearing out the plants. It was a beautiful moment and I sat down beside you and watched you as you looked out to the sky. I promised you then that you will always be my Friend Numero One and I will try my best to hear you out and encourage you in your pursuits. But at the same time I had to remind myself that sadly as far as your friend circle is concerned my mandate is to be just your Parent and not aspire to be your BFF. So considering that I am your mom and these are the things moms have to do ( that is making sure their toddlers continue to have teeth and grow their bones), after a respectable period of five minutes I read you the riot act and marched you back into the flat.

After the What Goes In Has to come Out and How! Trip that Melbourne was we had a two day break in Bangkok ostensibly to give you and me some rest before we got on another flight, but for all purposes so I could watch some movies while your father minded you. (I am hoping moms with toddlers and no help will say aye! we hear you sister at this stage) But as I stood in the queue for tickets and saw what was on offer (compared with what we all could do together as a family) I stepped out of the line and joined the Baba and Bub. And at that very moment you dozed off and your father and me just looked at each other and whispered MASSAGES.

I asked for a foot massage and told the therapist to continue with it for as long as the toddler sleeps (kind of a reverse Thakur, Basanti, Jai-Veeru episode no? Jab Tak Uski Neend Chaleygee Basanti Terey Haath Chaleyngay) And for two hours that is what happened!! I sipped on iced tea and read Murakami “what I talk about when I talk about running" as someone pressed on my feet (damn that sounds blasphemous!) and you dozed in your stroller(I dont whether it was the good karma of my ‘ sacrifice’ or the combination of indoor waterfall and aromatherapy oils that soothed and lulled him into taking an unscheduled mid-evening nap). Not that Murakami needs a thumbs up from me, but the book is good stuff and makes one prioritize and have REAL dreams. At that moment life seemed good with endless possibilities of how one can combine baby, and ambitions and decadence, so I looked up from my book and told Gman that one day I want to run from Athens to Marathon , lets see What Dreams May Come eh.

At one stage you did wake up and as I cowered behind my book you stared into an aquarium just above your head. It had no fish with just the water filter on. After a couple of minutes you turned around to see this long tank of really small fish (that they use for a foot spa) besides you. Three thousand eyes stared back at you. Outside the window the rain streamed down onto a flood of pedestrians. I am betting that for all purposes you murmured to yourself Damn You Leonardo DiCaprio, get me out of this dream already before going back to sleep again.

Happy twenty months sweetheart!!


Your Mom


  1. Pity about the loosies. Could you meet Pesho?
    I second Sonia, but of course you know that:)

  2. Oh, my. I *heart* the sound of that massage.

  3. @sonia: Thanks a million for the validation
    @Dipali: no didnt meet pesho this time. as it is she is not a big fan of the bro
    sue: ah you and me both


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