Tuesday, September 07, 2010

panchvan mausam piyar ka

(Part 2 Month 19 Letter)
...and its your lovely personality and positive energy that has kept me together.
This month the Vocabulary Bunny brought you the use of the gerund -ing which you quickly employed to the use of terms such as


Let it not be said you didnt ask nicely before you pinched your mom.

(Hat and Parrot Not Mine. Toddler Free To Go to Good Home)

It was also interesting to note the light bulb moment when you figured out not everyone understands Pushto...I guess the next couple of years will be a good exercise to witness how the human mind makes sense of the world. My own little Intro to Human Psychology 101. Suffice to say you switch between Urdu and English depending on your audience. Not very complicated stuff but you can tell your new friends to sit down, play, go on the swings, and hand you the phone.

Not very proud moments...that you can operate youtube on your own as in you can replay that darned Old McDonald Farm clip. And prank call your dad on skype.

Now You See Me

Now You Dont

So the bags are packed, we leave for Dhaka tomorrow. Next post..travel notes from our days in Thailand and Pakistan.

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