Sunday, September 12, 2010

saagar kinarey dil yeh pukare

well there was no need to warble Tu Jo Nahi as everyone who is significant and someone for me was right there in Koh Samui (that is except my mom, whoops! hello Mama!!)

Koh Samui was lovely, it was actually the holiday I wanted when I was a kid, to be at the beach, your fav cousins just a room away so there could be non stop running in and out of each other's rooms. Racing to the swimming pool and beach and promising your mother that the corn on the cob will not ruin your appetite. There was also good weather and hotel staff who were GENUINELY fond of you saving the toddler the nicer beach ball and sand toys.

For Arhaan the resort was his Graceland, that is if the infamous Bubbles of my nightmares does get addicted to prescription drugs and chooses to go to that playground in the sky. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing this out of your balcony:

Mummmyyyyyyy jee...Bubblesji ka avtar and hamarvah sheher maa.

and one day at a decrepit beach shack he came across someone hiding from the crazy fans and maddening crowds:

Aah celebrity sightings dont get better than this!!

The holiday was nice for the grownups as well. Gman overdosed on massages. My sister and me gave him good competition for what it was worth. Borrowing from Chacha Churchill we had massages on the beaches, we had massages on the hotel grounds, we had some massages in the street (shops), and we looked across at the the hills housing the Six Senses Hideaway and sighed one day a spa holiday there too. We did not fight/have massages in France though.

We were at the Imperial Boathouse on the Choeng Mon beach which is pretty useful when you are looking for a place which is glam enough so your pre-kid " koee tau standard hona chahiye" life doesnt just remain a distant memory but not so highbrow that you live in mortal fear of the kid thrashing the place and you never getting a room in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand ever.

The good thing about this break was that everyone took a chill pill and by everyone I mean me as my family just wants to relax and call for room service when it comes to holidays. I, however, am very fond of the Excel sheet and list of activities, and We are Having Fun, Arent We? kind of holiday. Khair, this time Maa Retire Hoti Hai as Jaya Bachchan would put it, and I put my feet up and just gestured to the therapist on the left to start with the foot massage.

The days just became a dreamy haze of waking up to the sound of the fountains turned on, the birds chirping, and Arhaan piping Cake Cake Cake (alas complex carbohydrates just caught up with him ). The languid afternoons of just the swish of a broom gathering up the fallen frangipani, the rustle of a page turning from the pool side lounger, and Arhaan squeaking Cake? Cake? Cake?. Beautiful sunsets, the gentle roar of the sea, the tinkling of glassware and somewhere a little boy whispering Cake? into his pillow.

And then there was Bangkok where we tried to boost the local economy by much shopping and eating on my part and not getting off the carousel for Arhaan. I finally found an oil burner I could love. And we tried to pawn off Arhaan but he just followed us back home.

(Post-Arhaan anything that enters mi casa has to include copper, brass, bronze. Crystal, ceramic et al need not apply.)

But amongst all the lights, action, drama of the city there were also walks in the Queen Sirikit Park, of pointing out the turtles and the catfish in the pond to Arhaan. Sharing a slice of my life when my Happily Ever After was yet to come, and there was just the dream of a little boy who would breathe into the same frangipani air as me stretching out his hand into the musical fountain.

Gman says he enjoyed the holiday very much too.


  1. this looks like a gorgeous.. gorgeous place!!

  2. Boosting Thai economy, I plan to do it too when I go there :)

  3. Holidays should be chilled out. But I like getting around too, specially to the local markets. Looks like a lovely place.

  4. looks like you guys had fun!

  5. Patricia: Oh yes it was
    Rekha: I hear you sistah
    Banno: Well thats Thailand for you
    How do We Know: Yes, we still have to get over that.
    Sups: Haina?


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