Saturday, December 18, 2010

aaj kal paao jameen par naheen padate mere bolo dekhaa hain kabhee, tumne mujhe udte huye

This has been the craziest two days EVER for our household. Its like Santa Claus left his house to distribute goodies across the world and when he was passing our place, out of sheer laziness (or because he said I no work beyond 5) said to himself Bus iskey aagey ki dekhi jaayegi and emptied his sack of seasonal cheer over our flat. So over the weekend we found out that yes we are getting a ticket to fly to Melbourne so I can pack "a few of my favourite things" and Gman can do whatever Big People do in offices, then considering it was pretty late in the week to ask people to change their Christmas plans so they could catch up with us, we decided to take a break in Bangkok before coming back home (we dont waste tickets and holidays no siree). I suggested to a couple of friends if they would like to join and fingers crossed one enthu cutlet will be joining us for a Great Adventure of her own...the Islamic New Year has just started for us so I am hoping it means the next year will be kinder on all of us.

And before I finished screaming over these three amazing amazing things happening to us, Gman called a while ago and said So What is The Kid Doing? And I said terrorizing the neighbourhood and he said well tell him when the new year begins he is starting school. Thank the Lord, he got in and this is the school I wanted him to go to. This whole episode of him starting something has been kind of funny, I was convinced that he was going to be home schooled, and I would never push him. the other night I had another of those dreams when a teacher (this time a college teacher) is scolding me and I woke up crying and told myself Never, Never for Arhaan, and if he tells me Mama I dont want to go to school, I will not send him. Khair, my heart was set on this particular one, call me middle class, but its the kind of place we like. Gman teases me this is where you want to go right. And I say yes, I want him to sit on a brightly coloured stool, and play in a garden, have a teddy bears picnic , and sing songs. Its a very cheerful place, and I have always come back happy after visiting it. Anyways the lady I spoke to said Arhaan should come and visit and to give him a couple of days and if he is happy we continue. Arhaan was #60 on the waiting list and it is a Christmas miracle (and I suspect my being a squeaky wheel and using The Social Network) that he got in. He better like it!! And his father too!!

So I am not sure if I will write before next year, when I finally change blog header et al. Here is wishing that all you who lurk and delurk are happy and warm and loved and remember me and mine in your prayers. And how can it be Christmas if I dont end with Dickens, "And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!"


  1. Nice Warmth of this post is simply great!
    God' blessings on you too.

  2. So does this school episode make you into the lady from Bringing Up Vasu? The teddy bears picnic and all that. :P

    Wish I could have done Bangkok. Later it struck me neither of the boys even have passports!

  3. I really, really wanted to do Bangkok, babu. Wish it could have worked out.

    Good news about A's future picnics with Teddy Bears and all that. I could just faint simply by imagining the sweetness of it all...him surrounded by cups of pretend tea, real sponge cake, jam biscuits and those gentle creatures of genial smiles and faux fur.

    Happy holidays. Have lots of fun, take lots of pictures, do lots of shopping and may lots of good wishes and the joy of the season always bless you, family and home.

  4. i love how u bring this nice warm feeling to my heart...:)

  5. Have a wonderful wonderful vacation! Missing you already!

  6. New year wishes to you. Have fun with P :) And seems like the both the 31st jan borns are starting school early jittery mom of S.

  7. nazar utaar lo apni display pic se :)


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