Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezar

You know thoda resolution miley.

I still dont know what I am going to be when I grow up. Naukri comes knocking at the door and I say naah. Nothing I am offered excites me. We finally came to a decision about saying bye bye to the house in the suburbs for a while, and I thought I would feel all noble embarking on a new adventure, yeaaah we were going to be bohemian but I find myself looking mournfully at pics of people doing up their houses and start crying for my books and stuff and everything that made my place home.
I have realised deeep down as in really deep down I am pretty shallow and for me it is All About the Stuff heh heh.

I am also getting really itchy feet and keep on pestering Gman, Kitney din hogaye we havent been anywhere, doesnt anyone need you in the field any more. You know the reason you said Until We Meet Again to life in Australia was so I travel the world not be incarcerated in a flat in Dhaka.The maid gives me hopeful looks every morning, Should I bring the suitcases down Madam. But I dont think we are travelling soon and that REALLY depresses me. I did nag the man to go to Melbourne so I can pack some of our stuff and bring it here but he gave me a look as to say You Have Really Lost It.

And this week I fulfilled what I thought was a long standing promise to myself. See a dhinchak Bollywood concert. With Shahrukh Khan no less. Gman promised to babysit the toddler and I was the Fun Fearless Female personified (with no curfew). Somehow I can only describe it as a very surreal experience at best, like he was there in front of us dancing singing talking but it just didnt seem real, and not in the Oh My Godd Thats Him more as in oye yeh TV set ko kiya hogaya. I think its only when he will be sitting in your drawing room and saying something like Chai tau Hum Zaroor Piyengay that it will seem REAL and I think there are so many award shows and all..I guess with all the shows on tele and him recycling all the jokes it all becomes predictable after a while and you are waiting for the ad break so you can go to the loo.

Arjun Rampal seemed more REAL and I think he had all of us leching Oyee Haaandsome , Chikney even from a distance. I remember him appearing in Rajneeti and he had this Bihari accent and everyone was like wow he can even make that sound sexy, well he spoke a few lines in Bangla and took off his jacket as he was speaking to us and I was thinking to myself he can even say something like Bibiji teendey nay pani chorh diya hai , dakhna utar doo and make it sound cool.
Rani M was the most "prepared" of them all and I have realised she must have been a real mugoo in school as in rattafying each line. They had those giant screens on the side so you could see each expression and Shahrukh was all goofy when he was dancing, he was just following her steps and you know had a "making do, chalta hai" expression on his face. Rani was all Misssss I know every line in all the songs and dances , all memorized and perfection.
But I realised that there are some experiences you enjoy when you have your friends, family to pinch you and scream Do you Effin' Believe This? When they broke out into Uff Teri Adaa I became a bit senti for the toddler and then Gman called and said Arhaan and him were dancing to it on TV (one of the TV channels was covering the show).
And I realised in a couple of weeks Arhaan will be 2! 2! Wow! Time surely flies. So I decided to make some memories and enrolled us into some piano classes, we have only attended two classes and most of the time Arhaan jumps around the room screaming G E F ABCD and making me forget the keys but it has been fun and some days he practices on his toy piano with his forehead all furrowed sa.
And what have you been up to?


  1. OMG You were at the concert? What fun. That Rampal dude is definitely drool-worthy. I only realised how much when I realised I was drooling over him even when he was a slimy politician. Sad how Dino Morea fell by the wayside. Milind Sonam still has what it takes, though.

    Still laughing at the teendey line!

  2. What Sue were there?!?! WOW! Whatay fun! Wish I could have been a FFF with you...we could screamed ourselves hoarse, maroed fake wolf whistles and fought over who gets to have Arjun in her next life!

    Sigh...good times!

    And most maha-thrilled about the piano lessons! Clap, clap, clap!

  3. The teendey line was classic!!!!!!!!!
    Still grinning my ears off!!!
    Aneela, tussi priceless ho!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Aneela

    sending you 3 links from fb. These are pages created to support the act of taseer’s killer. I have reported them to fb already. if you could possibly report them on your fb too. It will be a nice thing to do!/pages/Malik-mumtaz-hussain-qadri-son-of-pakistan/171308606244952?v=wall!/Malik.Mumtaz.Qadri


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