Wednesday, December 01, 2010

kahin beete na yeh raaten kahin beete na yeh din

Gaata rahe mera dil.

Helllooo, this is your friendly toddler reporting for monthly update duty. Khair se we have turned 22 months old. Twenty two months, woohooo. Big changes happening, but I will leave it to my mother to update you later about how I can recognize alphabets, well enough to complete an alphabet jigsaw. I can also count pretty well and can guide my parents to make simple meals. As far as nursery rhymes go, lets say we can be quite mom is prompting me that I now know GUILT. Everytime I do a booboo I cover my face with my hands or hide my face in the bed so I can avoid my mother's Power Eyes.

There are BIG changes as my parents have just taken on on a very big adventure which involves saying goodbye to the picket fence and house with a deck for a while. But again I leave that to my mom to tell you. The past two weeks, she has been pestering me with Will You Forgive Me When You are Older? What Do We Owe Our Children? Are You Happy? well who knows eh. As someone said this is the only truth I know. And my parents conclude there will always remain three hundred other ways of doing it all wrong. But as my mom says this is just something we have to do, otherwise they will always regret chickening out. Somehow my coming just shook them out of suburbia and they are somehow determined to lead a Life Less Ordinary.

Just to give you all a heads up, my FORMAL toilet training mother has asked all who embarked on Hajj to pray for me. For a while we forgot about world peace, but thats OK if we start worrying my mother asks what will beauty queens do. She now asks all of you to remember us in our prayers.

I am on a waiting list for playgroup as my parents were too busy gallivanting around the world and had no concept that Time and School Seats wait for No One. My mom is now using The Social Network to grab one for March.

To camouflage the whiff of Eau de Arhaan, we have been making home made playdough. Tis the festive season and this website has been very helpful in bringing the right amount of holiday cheer to our house.

Ta dah.

We have also been making vegetable block prints. Come March, I dont know about me, but my mother will be topping all school assignments.

P.S It smells as yummy as it looks. Apologies for the brevity of this post. I will be back pretty soon but I can hear a thunder down under and I have to runnnnnn.

P.P.S: Could you also send me your Toilet Training Kay Paanch Rules?


  1. dear friendly toddler. dont be toilet trained till your mum promises that the blog name wont be a baithak by her chinny chin chin

    (loads of katrina kaif songs for you...
    on the loop)
    aunty MiM

  2. @MIM: Aaj Khush tau bahaut hongey tum....

  3. @D: The pics are of playdough...something like the Plasticine of yore and the store bought Play-Doh.

  4. Have you asked your mother what the pay off is if you shoot the "waterfall" and "lumpy-dumpy" into the target? Without full disclosure, I say, don't get roped into her jaldi-jaldi schemes. Take your time I says!!!


  5. Man, I have so much to catch up on your blog!!!!!!

    Want to see new pics of Arhaan.....

  6. sigh. Aneela.. you break my heart. you were the last one i ever imagined getting caught up in the potty training milestone race. yes, you can throw a dirty diaper in my face if he's wearing it to college.


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