Monday, January 24, 2011

Maar Dala Allah Maar Dala!!!

Yesterday afternoon, while picking up the toddler from play school, I met the Elusive Creature that is called the Pashmina Pathan Mom. Oh you can take your Tiger Moms, Yummy Mummy, Soccer Moms, Amazon Mom, pshaw they are not a patch on her.

She is that rare creature who towers over you, hair a sheet of golden rain, sober solitaires aplenty. Oh she is perfumed, the ribbon on her hem matches the tip of her suede shoes, and when she speaks sigh the words are curlicues in sandalwood. She raises a manicured finger and her daughter who I swear has been spun out of sugar and candy floss, her hair well-coiffed honey, comes running towards us. They look towards you and smile beatifically.

While you
hair an angry pony tail
bushy eyebrows waggling over glasses that clearly need to be cleaned one day
mareena suit (think linen, all of you who have never been to a Bara market) that is a hand me down from Kindly Aunt who says Aah but where does Aneela go she can get a year out of it, before we relegate it to duster duty.
army issue thick socks stuffed into scruffy Mary Janes

call out to your kid, and again,and again. Fifteen minutes and after many wails of Dont. Want. To. Go. Home,  a bedraggled creature is deposited (well we get the children we deserve eh)

We all stand quietly. Polite silence. Until the toddler decides to add to the mix by going prrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhttt. Announcing
(you know, just in case someone missed out on what it was)

Walk of Shame? Ha, you have nothing on me as I trudge back towards the car.


  1. Do pashmina pathan mom and her sugar and candy child let their head fall back in a thunder of laughter until they are snorting away like a steam engine?

    Heavens, Faaaarttteeeing is fuuuunnnnnyyyyy! If someone missed the joke they missed everything.

  2. REAALLLY FUNNNN-YYY. I sympathize with you, I've never ever ever managed to look well-coiffed, well-heeled, hell, just neat and tidy. :(

  3. @sur: Clearly in your case Miley Sur (Arhaan Ka) Tumhara !!

    @banno: I know...and I try..well I try trying but its all so Trying.

  4. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    That's in the godfather, too, hain?

  5. @parul: Clearly the boy has moved from his Eric Carle to a new pundit.

  6. Aneela, shaadi karogi?

  7. Aapki muskurahat mai razamandi ka ansar pudak pudak kar jhalak raha hai. Khush naseeb ho mujh jaisa hero mil raha hai.

  8. Coming out of longtime lurkdom to say - Of Course it's funny - He's a boy - It will remain funny for the rest of his life!

    M (who, me, scarred?)

  9. Hey, my comments seem to be disappearing:(
    Vhhaaat ij heppening to dhem?
    I've been loving all of the toddler tales.


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