Sunday, January 23, 2011

Naam Kiya Hai Piyar Ka Maara

Children (when they are encouraged to) will show you that it is possible to live a life where you tick more than one box every day and still have a sense of self.

Most days, depending on how you ask him the Toddler will say his name is

Gul-chair (Gulsher)

Arhaan Tikeela (where tikila is the little one, try thinking of the rat tail some might grow)

A-haan (well because it just sounds cooler to him)

However, most days in answer to

Whats your name

He might just say

Sheila Sheila


  1. Truth be told these days i might blurt out 'sheila' if you asked me my name....complete with the hip twist. Its catchy. Where is the nasal, high pitched rhythm in surabhi...surabhi jawani, budhapa, whatever...

  2. *Imagines Sur dancing to Sheila. The mind boggles*

    Don't worry, Aneela, the world is suddenly full of desi kids called Sheila.

  3. Gasp! Dipali, dont you know i am serious booty shaker?

    My instinct told me not to start a mommyblog- it would tarnish my reputation for ever- and it sure has :(

  4. dont worry. he'll have the Bean for company. she too thinks that her name is Sheila.

    btw - stupid joke by RJ on radio

    yeh Katrina ko Ghajini wali bimari ho gayi hai kya? baar baar apna naam bhool ke poochhti hai - Whats my name, whats my name?

  5. @sur: Looking forward to our next meeting with a dance session thrown in:)

  6. OMG!!!how cute is he!!??!! the best I liked was arhaan tikeela!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!
    Kaha tha na uske saamne tequilla shots mat lagao!!:LOL

  7. @Dipali and Sur: Who knew that my disclosure would lead to a dance-a-thon.Shake it baby!

    @TMM: I know, we should start filing for the name change already

    @Trish: Ah but a lot of it went in the making.

  8. LOL!!And now we have a to-be big sister wanting to name her baby sister Sheila!! coz it is the BESTTTTTTTTTTT name!LOL

  9. I like A-haan. It does sound cool! And tikeela, too.

  10. Loved the pasha-kaal post, by the way. What a lovely term.


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