Friday, January 28, 2011

Saala Main Tau Sahab Ban Gaya

It is amazing that even after growing up in a house that follows the five second rule, daagh achey hain, and being fed ma kay haath kay and ma kay haath se khana the Toddler will sit back ram rod straight at the dining table when guests are around.; he will brush off your hand and reach for the silverware instead. I interpret his arched eyebrows towards the guests as he unfurls the napkin ,dabs his chin and tries to make polite conversation, as him telling me Yahan par Ladiss hain.

He was also Most Insulted when I called from a dinner party I was at and cajoled the father to forget dressing him up and to just bring him over in his pyjamas. Noo, he ticked off his dad, how preposterous this suggestion and pulled out a pair of cords and a button-down shirt.

A typical going out ritual for him is running to the dressing table, "check" he calls out as he looks at his reflection. Once his clothes past muster, he pats down his hair and picks up my Clinique Happy perfume mouthing psshh psshh. He will then cheerfully wave bye bye to me and make a run for the door.


  1. :D So cute!
    Also, just by the way, Clinique Happy - I love it! :)

  2. Always a delight to read your blog Aneela

  3. Aaaw

    This is incredibly cute!!!

    Warm regards


  4. Nice. What a refreshing change from some men I know who'd only be too happy to go out in their pajamas, if one let them, ladisss be damned! :)


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