Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taal Se Taal Mila

Khudi ko kar itna buland..

so I really want the toddler to have a good ear for music, hence I encourage him to accompany me to my piano class now and then. I also make sure that there is less MTV and more Mozart around the house...Music appreciation ko kar itna buland

However as I practiced one evening, forgoing my notes and trying to play by ear, I was very surprised to see him turning around and asking me Mama? Book?
Without waiting for my response he scampered to the next room bringing me my music book, thus making it very clear Baby You Dont Have What One Needs to Remember a Tune, Try Following What is Written Here.

and last night he came in while I practiced, hands clasped, begging me Mama Please No!! No more!!


abey gadhi ab uska music appreciation utreyga kaisey

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