Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yeh Kahan Aagaye Hum ,Yunhi Saath Saath Chaltey

So in a couple of hours it will be the 31st of Jan, and you will turn 2 years old thoo thoo nazar na lagey. And I guess it is about time I take out some of the presents that are still in hiding from the first birthday (no I was not channeling my inner Cruella , I thought we had some time yet and you will get around to playing with them)

I have been thinking a lot about what we were doing this time two years ago..there was a pizza party I remember, how fortuitous that we had pizza again tonight...this time it was for watching some awards show which they never got around to screening for us. Not that we watched any TV tonight, not even the reticent Ajay Devgan on Koffee it has been that kind of evening. You are getting a bit tired of your mother swooping in on you, hugging you every ten minutes. There was a birthday party in your school today and you came back with a goody bag, you were so thrilled and would just not let go of it in the car. I made a run to get some books to give away to your school mates tomorrow, I was tempted to buy just the 52 books and perhaps gift an audio recording of you playing that horrible whistle to Student number 53 (the birthday child ) (Dear Grown Up responsible for the goody bag today, seriously why? why? why?). A whistle and one that plays at a decibel previously used only by electric drills. My husband was taking care of the Toddler while I was out shopping and the poor man had lost all hearing in one ear by the time I returned.

We are planning on taking it easy tomorrow, just the cake for your school mates and yes the books. Shopping in this city for books that are suitable for toddlers is "fodder" for another post. Today it is just marveling about the wonder that is you. And I just remembered in the car today that I was reading Tahmina Anam's A Golden Age in the days leading up to your birth and how I was in a rush to finish it, as I did not think that books and me would be on heh heh the same page in the coming days. That I did not desert my old friends and that you are a part of a continuing love affair with books is extremely good fortune. But what struck me about reading Golden Age is well look at us we are in Bangladesh. Kiya Baat Hai.

At this stage no one say the obvious that well Ms Babar should have read some Pamuk and brought some Turkish Delight rather than mishti doi to the table. Praise be to the Lord, Alhamdolillah I think Stella nay Aneela is getting her Groove Back and perhaps her being in Dhaka has got something to do with it (roadblocks like No Literature for Toddlers notwithstanding!)

So to summarize: a)You are turning 2.
b)For the past week or so I have identified All Things You which will I hope gets me off the hook when it comes to regularly updating your baby book. I am guessing every year come Jan I will have the usual guilt pangs about not having made a note of the relevant milestones and will have to compensate by writing notes to you in this blog.
c)You are loved, much loved. Every day we are grateful that the shittiness of the world we brought you into, our angst, itchy feet and travelling bug has not taken away the Arhan-ness of you. The school principal said something along the lines of how friendly and loving you are and how it means your parents are particularly stable, affectionate and good willed towards each other (and the world). Frankly I could do all but just laugh in her face. Well, kiddo thanks once again for covering up for your parents' shortcomings in the responsibility department and please, please just continue with this keeping calm and carrying on business.


  1. waah - loved the last 2 lines :) happie birthday A! That picture on the right is precious!

  2. Hi Aneela

    Wishing your little one, the very best for his special day.

    Warm Wishes


  3. Happy birthday to the not-so-little boy :)

  4. Happy happies, Gul-chair urf Sheela:)
    God bless, Arhaan.

  5. Oh I missed this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now the fun and games can REALLY start.

  6. And the Toddler thanks you all profusely


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