Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yeh Kia Jaga Hai Dosto

Really what strange place is this? This valley where my thoughts disintegrate into whispers, it is unknown to me.
I cant stand the way things are now. I love my life, isnt my toddler super cute when he does that? I hate everything. Oh I wish things never evah change.

I think they call it Mother to Someone Who Is Turning Two.

Well, in honour of a certain someone turning two end of this month
in an attempt to squeeze in all that I can before I start mulling over how much is kosher, the ownership of memories, you know the whole ethics of writing about your child; I am planning to write a couple of lines every day about life with the toddler. I got the idea from the Sue-ster, who writes about a few of the things the man in her life does (that merits renewing his contract and all that).

So what I really love about my son is how he has taken up duties to be our Conscience. You know that little voice in your head that brings you back to terra firma when it seems like you are having too much fun? Well that is Arhaan for us with his Ws. The Whats and the Whys that keep us on the straight and narrow.
Allow me to unpack this for you.
Last December as I returned to our hotel having watched the 9pm show for Tees Maar Khan there was a skip in my step. How incredibly cool am I! What a good life with no one putting a speed bump of a Haw Hai to my 'mobility'. It is getting to be midnight and I am walking back to my room in this incredibly stylish city. Alone! Somebody has done well, ahem! ahem! I enter my room, the husband opens one eye and yawns. Oh I promise I was about to call you, did you want to be picked up, snore!
And then an indignant creature arms akimbo hisses at you
subtext: Raat kay baara bajey kahan moo kala kar kay aa-rahi ho

Since then Arhaan has increased his repertoire from the milder

What ARE You Doing?

Why Are You Doing This?


to a
hand slapping forehead

Why? Why? Why?


  1. rotfl

    I passed through the "Why me?" stage before it simply became "Why? Why? Why?"

  2. No, no all the Ws are Arhaan. as in its him guilt tripping me the Whats and the why are you doing this.
    My heart would just stop if he starts with the Why (insert pitiful Me?

  3. I can just see the scene as described!
    Ma, what have you done? Seeing terrible movies like TMK without the comforting presence of the toddler. Kya zamaana aa gaya ha!

  4. And freud said, a 2 year old represented the id, not the super little these men know!

  5. @dipali: I know kiya zamana aagaya hai. Your son takes up the mantle of the Family Crone and Farah Khan messes up a plot which was simple join-the-dots to begin with. How difficult was it hainjee to direct it?

    @Sur Notes: Yes Freud was definitely smoking something other than cigars when he came up with this nugget.

  6. LOL! can so imagine this scene in my head but I love the slap on the forehead :D


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