Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hum aah bhi kartey hain to ho jatay hain badnam wo qatl bhi kartey hain to charcha nahin hota

" Seriously tell me", my husband asked me yesterday morning, "isnt it about time we set a 'threshold' for number of deaths in our maid's family? I am sure someone has come up with figures for an upper limit for number of deaths/ maid household?How many relatives have to die before I start suspecting the maid of homicide?".

The maid has been very consistent with details, death always come a-knockin' Saturday evening (which merits taking Sunday and Monday off), it is sudden, the dearly-soon-to be-departed goes to bed and never gets up. Just saying.

We have seen seven deaths in the last one year. One more and the Vishwal Bharadwaj school of thought suggests the gloves can finally come off.


  1. I find it most interesting when the same relative dies multiple times. How horrifying for these poor people to have bury and then rebury. Tut tut.

  2. Kya qaatil andaaz hain aapki maid kay!!!

  3. That is completely insane, as if Agatha Christie made it up.

  4. Hi Aneela

    This reminds me of my students nearing their submission deadlines. Some how the word "dead" line, has more meaning than I had imagined...It is the story of uncle, aunty, BFF et al..who left for their heavenly abode...

    giggling silly

  5. your maid has probably exchanged notes with ours and we have been living here for just 6 months ... Imagine saal poora honay tak fatah Jang ki aadhi abadi khatam ho chukee hogee

  6. Yup Anu putting the dead in deadline that has been us for a while.
    @tazeen: Yeh Attock waley hotain hai bahut qatil.
    @ssh, its a secret: Yup Agora Chatterjee thats her.
    @Dipali: Yup Nusrat Fateh sang khanjar hain teri aankhen talwar hain teri aankhen just for her.
    @HYF: Death is the gift which just keeps on giving.

  7. :) nicely written too, captured it so well! enjoyed the read.

  8. Aneela, I have spent the last couple of days reading through your blog, and have been going Wah, Wah! all along. I love that all your posts begin with a song, and after two days, I am an expert at humming and laughing together ;)


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