Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jaati Hoon Main

Sylhet for the long weekend this time. Why? Well please dont judge us, but I have to escape this crazy city which has been bursting fireworks at 1 am for the past one week. I am pretty sure they are going to revoke our passports for doing something as un-SouthAsian , well Australian too, to abandon the city come World Cup time. But it says something for the sad sad times we live in that even Gman the resident cricket fan has been quite OK to pack up boriya bistar for the hills.

Since I last wrote the Toddler and I have come down with a horrible horrible throat infection or whatever evil that is that plagues our respiratory system. I pulled a major cheap stunt of asking the paed to check my throat while he was at it. Frankly, I have no energy to brave Dhaka traffic and queues at GP offices to see someone for mine. Funny na, I had a lovely aunt and uncle who would share their eye-glasses after a while, and we all know about elderly couples who have been together for so long that they share their sweaters and shawls. Well, the Toddler and me are sharing doctors apparently.

The lovely maid took a leisurely four day weekend off again last week. She waltzed in yesterday afternoon claiming she had  met with an accident. Chalo, we breathed a sigh of relief, at least no harm to local population, but no she was not done yet. There were deaths oh so many deaths in the road accident. I suspect now she is a bit of a thrill junkie. You know how it was when you were a kid, you watch something on the news, you see something on the way to school and you tell yourself Wow, that was close, that could be me. In her case It Is Me, umm Her.

So no maid, sick kid, inundated by mosquitoes and fireworks going off every minute, I practically jumped at the opportunity to get a tooth taken out. The dentist did remark How Brave. And also Kamaal Hai you didnt bring anyone along, usually my patients like someone with them. Ha! so that was one hour of just bliss, the drone of the drill or whatever contraptions they use dulling out all the craziness of this week and now Im sitting  here typing out this post just to avoid tugging at the stitches. Im pretty ikky this way.

Yesterday was a holiday, not for the kid though and the husband and me spent a lazy day at the kid's school just watching him play. www dot vela parents that is us. I wish we had a life. I also wish my mom was here. Yesterday evening I sent her a senti sms telling her how I wish she lived with us as she knows exactly what Ventolin syrup does without googling for it and checking out side effects. Moms are amazing this way. I have no idea when this "local knowledge" kicks in for me.

Apologies for the disjointed post all ye who still tune in. Clearly I have lost the Voice somewhere along the way.

So all in all lonely, bored, feeling very untalented in this city. Hope the trip to Sylhet jump starts some of the batteries and I return more energetic.


  1. awww...hugs aneela..hope you feel better soon..and isnt it great to be vela parents..I wish I could do that :) and you are right...moms are definitely wonderful

  2. local knowledge kicks in when others ask you for information/advice. For yourself, scurrying to goggle baba is the only way out.
    so relax, wait until you get a panicky sms, and then you will calmly be able to rattle the side effects of this and that.

    letting the dentist drill block out the city? what an idea sirji. am packing my bags and visiting the dentist, NOW.

    sharing a doc with the child? Smooth move, i say!

    and sylhet? Please let us visit vicariously through this blog.


  3. Ouch at the throat infection and the tooth! Hope you get all the R&R possible!

  4. Hi Aneela, I love reading your blog, having just recently discovered it. Hope you feel better soon... and enjoy your vacation!

  5. Is there a dental bug going round? The spouse is finally having many teeth fixed, so our lives involve my hand-holding visits to the dentist with him, plenty of warm saline and alum gargles, antibiotics which upset the tummy, and very very boring soft food.
    Get well soon, both of you.
    Have a good holiday, and enjoy the vela TWT (Time With Toddler). Haffun, and keep us posted.

  6. Aw!

    I still have to google anything medical, people asking me for advice is strictly a no-no.

    You cheered me up, with your visit to the dentist. :)

    Hope Sylhet cheers you up.

    Have fun!

  7. So as you can read I did survive the break and the dental adventures.

  8. you should write more vividly detailed posts on the dental adv. and how you survived?

    i know i dont.


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