Wednesday, February 02, 2011

mere saajan hain us paar main man maar hoon is paar

Not Saajan exactly but something far far bigger. It is the Toddler's school which is across the road from us and even though ' technically' it is ten minutes walking distance from where we are it merits moving house. This as

a) Time and tide wait for no man? Well Dhaka traffic -no wait- for mom crossing road with kid in pram, sweetheart. Thus we have the answer to the riddle Why did the Chicken (hearted mom) cross the road? Because Arhaan's school is there.

b) Dropping Arhaan off to school meant for a gas guzzling 4 wheel drive to pick pint-sized and XL-pant size from home, drop pint-size at school, return XL home, take XXL to work, XL will be picked up from home to do the school run in a couple of hours again, it is only noon and we have already killed 10 trees.

So we started looking for flats across the road and well encountered the Good, Bad and the Ugly of how Other People Live. Anyways the(ir) skeletons can remain in the closet, their cooking pots in the is not the day to pass judgement. We found something where I can hang my hat err dupatta on a hook, and realized the balcony kind of looks out into the Toddler's school, which makes me feel like Stalker Mom. Hai mera Laal, nazar kay saamney hi rehna, dont wander off honey Mommy's watching. So two minutes commuting distance--though my mom says she is betting we will be the last one to arrive, take your time with breakfast sweetie we still have time).

So the big house move starts this weekend--which is technically tomorrow for us. I have not been able to access blogspot for a while (I can access Dashboard but for some reason cannot view my blog or anything ending with and can only read them in 'reader'. Hence, I have not been able to 'read' my posts and do a quick grammar/spelling check or get back to all who do leave a comment). In the new house hopefully all this will be 'rectified'. We actually hope to 'rectify' a lot of things in the new house. Our meals, roster for household cleaning, TV routine, exercise regime, bath times, the elusive toilet training, the maid's penchant for bumping off change na hua its a regime change acoming.

Wish us luck!


  1. All the best, Aneela! I hope the new house lives up to these several expectations:)

  2. Hi Aneela

    Best wishes for the house change. Changing homes is an adventure indeed!!!

    Warm wishes


  3. mubrook! new look, new title, new house too!

    so have you moved and settled by now!?
    best of luck with everything :)

  4. Yup settled in. But feeling a bit unsettled because of life and other animals.


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