Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Duniya Bananewale Kya Tere Man Mein Samaayi

Seriously God, couldnt you have put some intelligent design in this whole toilet training business. If I could take a breather I could write how my Guru Dutt-esque submission earlier for the Indiblogger contest didnt past muster, living as we do in a time when Daagh Ache Hain. However not all (competitions) was lost for I did win a book here. I really want to put up my review  for the Vague Woman's..but  if wishes were horses, sigh! I did write a note to the author Devapriya thanking her for taking me back to Other LifeTimes when I too was a Abhi. That evening as I went through her book I thought for a long time of all the What Ifs in my life and my love affair with nuclear physics and strategic studies which was cut short (by moi!), thankyou D for that walk down memory lane. FINALLY FINALLY our stories, our jokes!

As Shahrukh or was it Cohello once said kehte hai, ke agar kisi bhi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri ki puri qayanaat tumhe use milaane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai, so here is my wish. I want the kid to have some bladder control and articulate the need to speed.

Thats it. For the sooner that happens the sooner
I can write about Hong Kong and how at times I felt I was the only one in the playground with a child I shared a gene pool with (who was not my grand kid), of beautiful parks but strange play areas where there were slot machines where care givers could busy themselves and gulp! some for the kids as well. For some  Luck Be a Lady may just be a nursery rhyme.
Or Malaysia and how as a cultural first it was a Ravana who came to the aid of a distressed mom and toddler.
How I have finally submitted the thorn in my side, the bane of my existence the dreaded monograph about Pakistani women and militarism which I first mentioned here. Like film producers say we gave it our best shot, aagey us ki kismat. I can go back to opening mail from the university without a feeling of dread and concentrate now on some other personal projects. And no, not just not toddler toilet training. 

Oh yes many many fine tales.