Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baabuu Samajho Ishaare Hauran Pukaare Pam Pam Pam

Remember the trip we took to Bogra-Jamuna-Somapura Mahavihara /Paharpur a couple of weeks ago? I never got around to putting up the pictures from there. 

So in Jamuna other than advising the museum administration that guests at the resort should not be "given breakfast coupons until they have seen the museumand plans to petition governments in South Asia that citizens should not be given identity cards and passports (I added ration cards too) until they have shown documentary proof that they have visited more than five museums, my mother joined us in a merry little jaunt down the River Jamuna. 

Paisa vasool shot

So much colour coordination happening inside the boat. I am sure the cows were dyed to match the lifesavers too

Doobtey Suraj ke saath tasveer nahi khenchtey. 10 points if you can identify the film  I borrow this line from.

From Bogra we took a day trip to the Somapura site. The campus at Paharpur dwarfed any of the other Buddhist monasteries I have seen to date. And the green, the green.

And at the base of the structure are the murals that Somapura is famous for. Such a riotous act of fun and whimsy. Leading to my mom quipping (she might share a birthday with Prince Charles--my grandfather insists even the birth hour, but her statement that morning was very Prince Philips)  "Not very Buddhist are they"

Oh to be around in those times when you could put your legs behind your neck, balance them on your shoulder, even squat with no one telling you Nahi beta, tangey sambhal kar beythey hain. Cross your legs at the ankles, child.

There is a lovely sarkari rest-house at the site, I wish I had known about that earlier. A day is definitely not enough. Especially as my effort to climb up to the top were thwarted by the toddler carrying tales Look Look My Mama Climb Up Hill Agaiiiinnnnn to my mom each time.

There is also a museum. Photography not allowed. Where you will see Shiva and the rest of the pantheon carved out of black rock. 

The gardens are beautiful too. And the gardener has a sense of occasion. Or humour. You decide.

And we shopped. Is par hamari walida ka ek comment peysh hai. "The never ending quest of bringing the village home  and taking the city to the village". Commerce, yahi hai teri kahani.

So we got some lovely baskets which store the onions and potatoes in the store, and the toddler's toys in the room. 
One of the reasons I love the place we are renting currently  are the chips floor in the kitchen  and the alcoves  or  taakh as we call them in one of the bedrooms. They had chips all over the flat when I signed the rental agreement but at some stage they removed it to place the marble, sigh! 

We also bought this, it is woven from reeds again. You may use it to cover a bowl of fruit from fruit flies as I have done, or food left out saving yourself from the "waiter, there is a fly in my soup" moments. Or to protect a pot of boiling milk from a lizard falling into it--the stuff my childhood nightmares was made of. It could be an urban myth, but all little children of my generation heard of someone being poisoned by a lizard in their glass of Ovaltine. Thankfully, the toddler is growing up thinking all lizards are Rango, Rango, Rango ----which makes for a far healthier childhood I say!

And with this I bid you goodbye.


  1. The budhist monastry seems breathtaking. Your photographs do justice!

    "And bringing the village into the city and .......etc"Priceless comment!

  2. I have an identical chips floor in my house. I grew up with the fear of lizards poisoning my milk too. :) The pictures are lovely, I like your use of the tokris.

  3. Lovely Snaps Aneela

    Warm wishes


  4. i love reading what u write..and what lovely places u get to visit!

  5. ok...i'll bite. 'Doobte hue sooraj ke saath....' which movie is it from. With ref. my comment on your comment - mad momma sent me here. Do i have to pay rent to hang out for ever? :D

  6. Lizards in milk, yes. And worse - my mother told me one about a lizard inside those fake hairbuns women used in the 60s-70s - and how this lady's scalp itched and itched through some old world club get-together and they only found out when she collapsed :o Fear of wigs and buns for sure.

    Lovely pictures!

  7. I grew up with chips floors- now only have rather dull ones in the bedrooms here- baaqi tiles or marble.
    Lovely post and pics, and your mom is priceless:)

  8. super nicee.. this post..I am just catching up now!!
    And the from Qayamat se qayamat tak,OBviously!!LOL! ab do mere 10 points! I was wondering how I missed so many posts..then remembered,I was busy having a baby.:P


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