Friday, September 02, 2011

khoya khoya chand khula aasman Aankhon mein saari raat jaayegi Tumko bhi kaise neend aayegi

It began with the  Ruet e Hilal Committee convening to sight the Ramzan moon on the eve of Rafi's death anniversary ( making me speculate whether they were humming Khoya Khoya Chand as they peered at the sky, all myopic eyes, or it could be they preferred

 chaand mera dil chaandni ho tum

chaand se hai door chaandni kahaan
laut ke aana hai yahin tumko 
jaa rahe ho tum jaao meri jaan

And then Ramzan ended with the introduction of Instagram to my life. There are some in 
my part of the world who live a life of diaspora and adopt "rap culture", feeling a 
commonality of interest, a synergy of energy if you may say, with them. Me, I have adopted
 the "Muslim social" and embraced a very Mehboob Khan Eid, with Nasir Hussain films 
providing the sound track to my month so far.

As Ramadans go this has been the most beautiful so far.
Or so I might say every year.
When it comes to spirituality I fall under the Cake khaane ke liye hum kahin bhi jaa sakte hain school of thought, eager to gather all the crumbs that fall off our "multicultural" table.
But this year has been calmer. Minus the odd rant or two. But as I was telling someone the other day, I would go to bed fuming and wake up humming Raat Gayi Baat Gayi
And The Toddler didnt get screamed at the whole month.

Eid was lovely. Friends are the new family. There were new traditions and some old, just as the Eids of my childhood. There were the same mid-day screams of "Dont Want to Wear This" but this time around I was the furious mother chasing a child as he escaped a starched kurta. And hark! was this my tongue that uttered the Fine! So No One Goes And We Will Stay Home, See If I Care

But I did calm down by the next day (on what we call the Baasi Eid, loosely translated as 
LeftOver Eid) to take these images from around our house, so from our house to yours.
      Eid ki Dilli Khushiyan Mubarak.

Infuser: Madhubhan Khushbu Deyta Hai

The ubiquitous sanskari photograph: Tasbeeh and jaanemaz courtesy M Aid. No not Muslim Aid. Mother's Aid.

and our Eid cheer includes Haathi Mera Saathi and Jal Bin Machli
Attar dan. This time courtesy Grandmother's Aid Package

Shaadi ka batwa and  kangan. for the Kirron Kher Yeh lo Shagun  Ka Karha  moments in life

Remember when Eid meant trunk calls and not bulk emails?
A basket to hold my jazbati  risaley 

And we end this episode with playing some tunes

We leave this weekend for our travels to a continent far, far away.  So I leave you with good wishes for the Ganesh Chatruthi fortnight. Wishing you all the gift of good books, luck, and health. And food, lots of good food!

And this is The Toddler in his Eid finery all Insta-grammed. Just for this year  one will not be remiss  labeling our apartment Armaan Manzil, and him Achan Mian


  1. Achan Mia ko nazar na lagey, na unki ammi ko.
    Safe and exciting travels!

    And try not to tarnish the batwa and kangan with kirron kher imagery, i'd be more beatific with bibi, the sharaab guzzling one, sining na jao saiyan. Macabre end, but we will stay with the glorious sensuality.

  2. @sur: meena ke kangan tau waheeda harap gayi! Mai tau razamandi Se pass on karna chahti hoon But what fond memories your comment brought up ! Our copy of Sahib Bibi was missing the last 15 minutes ( I'm thinking shayed the Video Store wallah ka Dil naram Tha) so we always imagined a happy ending

  3. Bechari waheeda ko zaleel kar rahi ho, woh to bhawra bhawar gaate gaate na jaane kidhar gayi,

    kangan to khandhar mein reh gaye.

    but lets stay with the last fifteen minutes being erased by naram dil wala video store owner, you still have to contend with the first ten minutes, stunning khandar and kangan and bones, but terrrrrrible guru dutt make up.

  4. I blame Rishi Kapoor for telling Meena " nahi bibi cognac sharab nahi hoti"

  5. Aneela, lovely photos. I agree with Sur, no Kiron Kher imagery please. How about Jaya Bachchan instead as a compromise in 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum'. Exciting travel ahead of you, and I hope, some lovely posts on your travels, and more photos of Achan Mian.

  6. What a lovely post, Aneela! Travel safe and have fun.

  7. This year Ramadaan and Eid were calmer, for whatever reason. Love the pictures. And Arhaan looks studly in the kurta.
    Belated eid to you guys!

  8. lovely pictures Aneela. Its been a while we "met". Will mail you...till then travel safe and have fun. Lil A...can I eat you please?

  9. Lovely pictures Aneela!! Belated Eid wishes!!

  10. Hi Aneela

    Bahut time ho gaya hai, since you have posted something new.

    Missing my regular dose of Aneelaisms.


  11. I thought I'd commented long ago:( Budhapa bada hairaan karta hai. Bahut hi sundar post aur tasveerein, comments bhi mazedaar. Ab naya post ho jaaye, Bibi.

  12. I thought I'd commented long ago:( Budhapa bada hairaan karta hai. Bahut hi sundar post aur tasveerein, comments bhi mazedaar. Ab naya post ho jaaye, Bibi.

  13. I thought I'd commented long ago:( Budhapa bada hairaan karta hai. Bahut hi sundar post aur tasveerein, comments bhi mazedaar. Ab naya post ho jaaye, Bibi.

  14. Teen baar poochne se tau Budda bhi qabool hota hai Dipali ji! So new post up.


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