Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dekhi hai saari duniya, Japan se leke Russia Australia se leke AmericaDekha hai pyaar ka sapna, dil chaahe koi apna Mil jaaye gar eksaathiya, ek desiya

So you all know I have travelled a fair bit
And spent some time in the diverse communities that make up South Asia
So what is it, some of you ask me, that binds us all?
And What Is Different ?

I could tell you that in Pakistan most love stories end with a do gooder beating you up. Ranting and raving as he does of Allah ka Azaab

In Bangladesh the end of the affair coincides with Tees Taka ka Tezaab

And where the Wild Women Live, you know they who were crazy enough to organize the Violence Against Women Awareness Month ( Read more at this site ! )? 
Well they have to listen to
Shudra dhol pashu nari ye hai sub tadan ke adhikari ( Shudras, drums, animals and women deserve beating)”
-Ram Charita Manas

Manu My Man! Thankyou for telling me that deep down--diversities be damned-- we are living in a small world after all

Kiya Baat Kahi

Yup, Love Shuv Ka The End


  1. Loved this post!! Sums up the plight of all the women of the world.... in such an interesting way..

    (Though a part of me is feeling sad inside..)

  2. So what did you think of the logo ? :) i love this venture of their- as much as i loved the child abuse one as well- - i fwded so much to many and I feel like i learned so much-

  3. Yeh love shove kee beenaari bhi toh bahut zaalim hai- itney sakth ilaaj key baad bhi khatm nahin hoti hai.

  4. @Dipali: Totally Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi happening, no?


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