Monday, October 24, 2011

NIGHT IN LONDON zulfo ki kahaani hai jannat ki nishaani hai naghmo ki javaani hai dilaqash hai suhaani hai NIGHT IN LONDON

And onwards ho! to London. A London of balmy evenings and crisp crisp mornings (yup, their national preoccupation regarding weather is tres infectious). It has taken me a while to get to this city, but as they say of all good things in life, they come to those who wait. In my case it meant being of an age when Madam Tussaud's does not appeal to me any more and The Toddler has no idea (thus saving serious money) and the museums are free to access courtesy the British Lotteries hand outs; of course there are some who will debate this decision for they believe this leaves museums cash strapped to buy new acquisitions , dependant on governments for hand outs; and cursing the Cabinet as Philistines when they dont comply. But I let those voices stay in my head, and put my best foot forward as I entered the galleries. The Toddler could pop in and out and in again at the Natural History Museum, and played to his heart content at the dinosaur exhibits.  Which also means that he dozes off as you roam around the National Gallery to your heart's content! 

So yes, our London Nights London Dreams concentrated on soaking in as much as we could of museums and the parks, considering the city was experiencing glorious more about the glorious glorious weather. I tick marked most of my "London Bucket List" and did catch up with the charming BroomBox who assures me that my "character is ek dum theek". The Toddler got an A grade Goody Bag, and since then seems to be encouraging his mum to blog more often if it means such nice perks for him.

We did pop in and out of one H (Harrods) gave the other H a miss (Hamleys) and paid our respects (and pounds) to the third (Hatchards). Now official choice of not only the HR and HMs but also The Toddler

I hope they got my  books right?

Sadly as a tourist, and one who has a Toddler as a plus one you experience Rahul Raichand Ka London and not Rikky Thukral's which might have been a much more fascinating insight.

So ready for a pictorial journey through the city?

The top deck of the regular red bus is full paisa vasool  to while away an hour

I love how the new melts into the old 

If you listen real carefully you can hear him say "Frankly Madam, I dont deal in laungs and I dont know where it went gawacha"
One morning we went walking into the Kensington Gardens and came across the  Diana Memorial Fountain, which for me is nothing more than water swirling around on chips ka floor. Despite all the the signs asking us to keep out of the water, little kids were splashing about in it. Cue in  little voices in my head about Behti Ganga and Haath Dhona that I had to suppress. But then again for Diana-worshipers like us; refined, restrained good taste just does not cut it, does it? Nothing short of commissioning a strapping Punjaban beating her chest "Maar Ditta Miri Diana Nu" indulging in a good old fashioned Veyn can work for us as a memorial (Mondays off)
Empire. Sun Setting. Britannia. Lion. Symbol. Geddit?

The Tate Modern has an excellent section for families, one caregiver can amuse kids there, the other can pop in and out  of exhibits, and in the end you can all do it together. The Toddler can now tell his Picasso from his Monets alhamdolillah. I asked So do you want to draw like Picasso, and he yawned No , Just Like Arhaan actually. Khudi Ko Kar Itna Buland and All That

We took him to the Natural History Museum and he learned a thing or two from the Wild Ones and improvised some more

Im Young And Wild. Hear Me Roaarrrr

Sir, I got that right? Right?

Once More With Feeling


Walking out of the Museum we crossed over to Kensington Gardens and saw the Albert Memorial , 

the statue of the consort is surrounded by sculptures celebrating Victorian arts and industry as as well as the continents that fell under their domain (refer back to sun never setting on British Empire); there is one each for Asia, Europe, Africa and The Americas. Asia is represented by the Mohe Panghat Pe Nandilal pose

The Queen was in residence the day we walked across The Green Park and looked across to Buckingham Palace, the Royal Standard was flying and all that; but with the Barbarian at the Gate, I dont think she was inclined to step out

I came to London to see the Queen. 
I understand that Nelson's navy was notorious for suffering from scurvy and syphilis, but to put  him on a column so high? The man promises to take his antibiotics

Harley Street. Me. Tribute to the Wonder Years. And I can count on my fingers the number of people who will get misty eyed at this.

Seriously. How many of you now REALLY want to get a lion as a pet and walk around the neighbourhood with it? Serious tashan

Toodle-Ooh then, until next time!


  1. What a trip, Aneela! Beautiful pics! (first time commenter, serious stalk...errr, follower.)

  2. It was so good to finally meet you guys.

    Come again!

  3. Hi Aneela

    Looks like all of you had a GREAT time. Nice to see how Arhaan has grown.

    Btw, loved the wickedly funny comments. Hai..what can I say, they make for quite a giggle fest.

    warm wishes



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