Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Soja Mere Raj Dulare

I thought I was just about done with school out for the day, motia flowers laid out in front of the air conditioner , fighting a sister and cousins to stand in front of the AC, sharp inhale as the blast from the vent strikes your face, somersaults on the carpet, a sharp rebuke from a grandparent, giggles. Waking up to the charkao as the gardener sprinkles water on the parched ground
It's time already
To chase a pair of brown legs
Threats of No Books
No Going On The Roof
Wrestling A Head Down On The Pillow, oh let the power not go, why don't ACs have cool air in them any more? Vent ko thoda is taraf karo
A sprawled body
Adventures into Book land
Rinse Lather Repeat

Tag today : Something Old, Something New


  1. That's lovely. Motia flowers near ac. I hope you still do that, in the 'new'.

  2. Hi Aneela

    Nice to see your posts (after a looong time) ;)
    Guess you must have been busy. :)

    till later
    take care

  3. *starts to sing with Lion King gusto*

    "The ciiiiiiirrrrcle of liiiiife..."


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