Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dil Bole Boom Boom

If this was still 1990 and we were in Rawalpindi I would have torn a page from my notebook and tried in my best penmanship to write a list of songs; 
I would have called for truce and let the Great Sister Wars be for a while, just so that the combined force of the two of us could have begged,borrowed, stolen to get to Radio City in Islamabad and asked for a Mixed Tape.
 And we could have called it something like Lala Nothing Gonna Change My Love For U-1990.
And everyone in school would have run copies of it.

But it is 2011.

And I have not slept all night.

And someone once said right after the World Cup, a couple of months ago, that great moments like this should inspire great art, great writing; and I want to. But as I said I have not slept all night, Gman is away, I live in a country where they have not declared a school holiday even after all that you did, you beauty you, and I have to get busy with the business of mommyhood.

So for now, all I can do is trawl youtube,  and dedicate this to you, as homage. 

We start with this cira 2am Dhaka time:

And for all of you who do not understand the Hindi, (thought they were all singing in Urdu back then, oh well!) I suggest this which was released at the same time give or take a year or two.

Oh yes I could have. Danced. All night. 

For My Heart Went as Nazia Hassan so eloquently put it, and you breathed the life into her words, Boom Boom.

I too can wear pigtails.

For Lala you melt our hardened hearts. We laugh as we have not in so many days, and as we wake up to yet another morning, for a couple of hours we can forget our pain. I pray fervently that out there where the wild things are and madness rules others too find the fire, the inspiration, to face another day.
There is a spring in my step.
And this one goes out to you.

Lest you all think I am Lala Fan Girl Numero Uno, well sadly Tazeen and this post beat me to it earlier this year. Hurry up and read it, for many a time I see myself as Sir Syed going up to that Big Farm in the sky  up there and declaring "I bring for You, Mussadas-e-Hali-Version 2011"--this, this Ode To Lala.


  1. LOL Remind me to never discuss cricket with you.

  2. After spending many enjoyable seconds bugging your cat (as I spun my cursor in circles, making it considerably dizzy), I read the post.

    Lala-lurve to the max. May he bring cricket to a point where I can have faith in it again!

  3. will watch lala talk some today , I promise so can share some of that ecstasy with you. am so happy we won BTW... cheers!!

  4. OMG! I LOVE 'i could have danced all night' and i love your blog. and now the song is stuck in my head :/


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