Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kabhi Mein Sochta Hoon Kuch Na Kuch Kahon Phir Yeh Sochta Hoon

Kiyoo Na Chup Rahoon

The lyricist for this song from Aina (1977) is either Tasleem Fazli or Akhtar Yousuf. If you  know dear reader please add in the comments section

And it is December.
A moment when the calendar reminds you ..again.. about the This Day in History 
The universe tinkers with the volume control for the "background noise" of your  days 
And there it is
Caps Locked
You Are Here You Are Here
Your feet do itch to dance at their revolution
But The Man turns around to look at you and asks Really? Serious ho? Allow them to enjoy their party. Ab wahan bhi...and shakes his head in dismay. 
So perhaps I should sit back and listen as they clear their throats to sing
My ballad about you and me and them and us and how Gman fits in can keep for another day.

And as I flounder around in transit
The past is not yet a memory
and I am still struggling with my Best Of
A wishlist for the New
So perhaps on days like this, you gather the boys Big and Small and walk around Dhaka University
I promise we come in peace. No Liberators today no Oppressors
And we try to sneak in as Tejoy Haldar's installation huddles in for A Serious Discussion

This is the Fine Arts department in Dhaka University, as you can see Nature is giving the young artists stiff competition
Oh the whimsy, the whimsy of the installations that dot the campus

And we walk the grounds while Gman and me fumble with the words So This is Your Great-Grandfather's University. So much history for so small a backback

But it seems his shoulders are strong enough to take on what we deem our historical burden
 And there is a pool of water. Of course. With steps leading down to it; it is Friday and a group of students walk down to make their ablutions

Yes there are days when I should just listen


There will be doors that I will want to knock at, but for now maybe it is best that no one opens the door for us.

 The Toddler is curious enough to pry, to call out. We will let some conversations be, though words of apology are forming at my lips 

And we walk past Ramna Park

And the Ramna Temple 
no bricks and stones now
for the deities have taken to a shamiana
And for years I wandered the streets of another Ramna in a city which was built on the crushed hopes of this
And yes I wonder at how it is that it is Ramna that interlinks Operation Searchlight and Operation Sunrise. You know when at times men in khakhi think they should have been in Public Works Department and sat on bulldozers.
Not that the dawn of democracy was easy on these spaces 
But even then
We should seriously think twice before you know naming anything Ramna
General Nagri has always worked well
We all know what happens to Constitution Avenues
So as I said deities live under tents
 So what I have gathered over the past two weeks from the blog statistics is NO ONE is interested in clicking on images for all the lovely buildings I photograph. Most of you just want to know So What Do They Look Like
I have seriously rationed my words in this post
So perhaps I should leave you with some pictures of me
Just to satisfy your curiosity 
so in future you can look at the sights and the buildings for a change
But before that let me adjust my dupatta
For you know from the way some people in my life carry on when the two ends are not perfectly aligned 
when one end of the dupatta drags on the floor 
empires just crumble
there are also tsunamis
And that is why Shilpa Shetty had to sing about Dupatte Ka Pallu Ka Kidhar ka Kidhar Hai

I will leave brushing my hair for another day.

And then just as you think you are ready to face the world, a little voice  reminds you yeh sab tou theek hai BUT WHERE IS MY JUICE

So yes I have so much to write, so much to share with you.
But I remember just in time for now Kiyoo Na Chup Rahoo
So sit back and  just enjoy some  Mehdi Hasan
(and crazy woman in purple)


  1. Since I detect a forlorn note@ nobody clicks at my photos : let me say we enjoy them though.

    And your blog is always good for a note of whimsy.

  2. I might not click on the photos, but i look at them closely.... and wait eagerly for more, always.
    Beautiful shalwar, and kurta ...

    And great gandfather's university? my grandfather's university is in Lahore, my uncle's as well. Gave me goosebumps looking at the little body with a backpack in the shadow of a towering presence -of the building, of history, of family stories .... thanks for these :)

  3. Um, excuse the technologically retarded, but i didn't realize we could click the pictures. So when i did, i got a slide show that wouldn't load :(

    Plus, your words are worth a thousand pictures? ;)

  4. Thankyou AKM

    @Sur: Lahore for you? Dehradun and Aligarh for mine. Yes, Dhaka Uni is Arhaan's great grandfather alma mater. at times I forget that the toddler's paternal side bhi parhi likhi thi. I will not at this stage dwell that neither set of grandparents, yours, mine or his could visit their unis once the hurly burly was done.

    @shazaf: I feel there is a great conspiracy at work. I dont get updates for you on google reader, you dont get to view slide shows in mine. ajab muajra hai

  5. The crazy woman in purple ate up everyone else, didn't she, Mehdi Hasan just about survived through it all.

    The photos are lovely, your writing haunting, the campus beautiful. The Fine Arts department looks much like the one at MS University, Baroda.

  6. Aneela
    something weirder is happening: whenever i post a link of my blog on facebook, the picture icon comes from one of YOUR posts! this is getting creepy. may be the universe is telling us to meet!


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