Friday, December 30, 2011

Mere Dil Mere Musafir Hua Phir Se Hukm Sadir

Key Watan Badr Houn Hum Tum
Dey Gali Gali Sadaien

....khair nothing as dramatic as that, but yes a change is acoming. There were hints earlier this month, but considering under the Australian surkhi powder I knew mera Dil to Phir Bhi Hai Pakistani

saaley visa dein ya na dein.

But I think it is coming through.


So we have two days to pack up house 
I feel like one of those fly by night operations
People will come to drop by New Year ki mithai, cake.
And there will be dust bunnies and tumble weed.
Visas issued and collected on the 1st.
We will send The Toddler to school on the 2nd. And then get on a flight in the evening to meet friends and family.
Melbourne after that.
And onward to  home for most of 2012
So some time in January Golkamra will be up and running at a new location. Details later. Suspense zaroori hai.
As New Year mithai I wanted to set up a sidebar that had all of my travel posts.
But that aint happening if there are packers nipping at your heels.
so I leave you with some Iqbal Bano.

See you all soon. Hugs and Kisses.


  1. you're moving to Australia? good luck! will miss your posts but will look forward to seeing and reading about your new destination.
    'dil tau hai pakistani salay visa dein ya na dein' HILARIOUS!

  2. @shazf: nopes. melbourne tou sada gaon hai


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