Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...ho Oooo Mere Sajana Lo Main Aa Gayi

logon Ne Toh Diye Honge Bade Bade Nazaraane 
layi Hoon Main Tere Liye Dil Mera 
dil Yahi Maange Dua Hum Kabhi Ho Na Judaa 
mera Hai Mera Hi Rahe Dil Tera 
yeh Meri Zindagi Hai Teri 

Ok enough of Jaya P in a spangled dress.
I am back.
And it is Delhi for the year.
There was a weekend at the Jaipur Lit Fest. Mommy Got A Weekend Off  where she gossiped with octogenarians about The Bhutto Only Indians Like, and met the lovely, lovely Mohammad Hanif. I think everyone needs a Mohammad Hanif in their life.  
I have maids who need a nazar suraksha kavach of their own. There is the Sweet One, the Saucy One, and the Sour Puss.
And there is the resident poltergeist who is imaginary friend for The Boy and imaginary servant for The Mum. 
Yes many many stories. 
all in good time.
You watch the rest of the song until I am ready.