Thursday, March 29, 2012

o mummy mummy, o daddy daddy o mummy daddy ho jao ready

Thank you all of you for all the love and prayers. Arhaan and his parents are very blessed to have so many of you rooting for the little guy!

He is as they say "none the worse for wear". What he makes of all things Maseehi Biradri this Lent not so much. I think someone tried to teach him Hot Cross Buns. They should have not. For he is going around the house singing.

Hot Cross Buns
If you have daughters
Please Let Me Know.

Oh my Dear Lord, no no no. 

I also think when it comes to Arhaan and Art Appreciationthe Uffizi outing from a while ago, was not  full paisa vasool , 

Earlier this morning I pointed to our print of Annunciation 

So What Is That Arhaan?
This is an angel
Good Good. And her?
Oh That is the Mother Dairy.


Happy Easter all of you!


  1. Just read the previous post. Hope Arhaan is feeling better now. Lots of hugz!

  2. "Mother Dairy".. OMG that is too precious for words!!!.. Needless to say, your little one is well on his way to becoming a Delhi boy.

    Warm wishes


  3. If you have daughters please let me know.
    The spouse says, Pakka Pathan!

    And we both rolled around at Mother Dairy:)

    Usko itna hansaaney ke liye inaam due hai!

  4. This kid is something amazing, I'll tell you this much! He comes up with the craziest, coolest things!


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