Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bache Mann Ke Sache

Do you know that in Kyodo, Japan the Kanagawa Police returned a parakeet to the parakeet's owner after the bird told them the address, specifying the block & house number.

Meanwhile in Pindi "Ek bacha jis ne laal rung ki Tshirt pehni hai".

Khair the child growing up in Dilli "with some assistance provided from the Pindi wali "  is doing OK too.

He told me going to the breakfast table MAMA I DONT LIKE CHOICES..

Driver ji has been a patient witness to some of our squabbles too.

Small A: Sharma ji, I want to go to Landmark in Ambience Mall

Big A: Sharam nahi aati three years old and knowing the name of malls


Why dont you watch this nugget from the past?


  1. looks like you did mull over the mall.

    Pataa hain, badaa hi sad waala joke tha.

    promise you, shall post a better comment the next time.


  2. Anu ji: I must tell you there are days when I want to write a post dedicated to your comments (as in not just your comments on my blog but on Aaf's and I forget where else). Bahut kum aisi achi angrezi parhney ko milti hai, you write the kind of comments my mother wishes my emails and letters were. No ellipses.
    I know you dont put it in words but it seems you DO want to know how the weather has been treating us , to let us know how by the Grace of God all is well with you and yours.

  3. Chhota A, next time please ask Sharma uncle to bring you to Mala aunty's office (which is next door to Landmark/Ambience). After that Mala aunty will take you home to meet her two bandars. The older of whom is also obsessed with Landmark, and lately also with the bumpy cars in the play area.


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