Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dauda Dauda Bhaga Bhaga Sa


Things I think About While I Am Running

So Arhaan is old enough to be summer camping, and I have joined something along the lines of a Boot Camp for mums on the premises.

It involves running around a playground along the tracks of the children's train. Some days the train is running and I wonder whether anyone in my family ran along trains and what would they make of me now? I think it fell to my lot to live the life of my grandparents. Is matti ne bahut Babars ke paer ki dhool chakhi hai, aaj phir ek Babar bhaagey ga or words to that effect.

I think about the other moms and how I now understand what Sen meant about the Argumentative Indian. Whether growing up in the times of Martial Law might kill all independent thought but it does make for a "better" gym trainee. Ten frog leaps coming up now Sir! The children of democracy at the other end of the ground are arguing for a more amiable routine.

The final stretch coming up and I think of Arhaan who has told me how at times he looks out of the window and sees me running "Very Fast, Mama! " He sounds a little surprised each time.

And when I cant breathe and can feel that familiar burn in my calves I think of Murakami and my grandfathers two and one in particular who was known to punish his juniors by making them run laps in the heat, 

and I wonder whether my trainer goes home every evening to a grandfather or uncle who quizzes him regards whether he is making sure I pay for the "sins" of my grandfather.

Yes, my love affair with all things filmy  continues. I am writing. And some days I dream of screen plays.

When I was in the third grade our Urdu teacher had looked up from her book one afternoon to announce Waqt Ka Ghoda Tezi Se Apni Manzil Ki Jaanib Bhaag Raha Hai (Time's stallion gallops towards the end of our sojourn in this world). Such cheerful stuff for a six year old, God Bless Her! But her words and the transient nature of our lives in this world has stayed with me. Surprisingly even then, my love affair with this world does not end; and I still forget to sit still and smell the roses.

But that is OK.

Life is good.
Though a bit frenzied.

However my favourite from Chachi 420 is 

From days when I had no idea who Vishal and Rekha Bharadwaj were. Bus ek jauhar ki pehchan tou ek jauhri hi kar sakta hai

And how have you all been?

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  1. coming back and catching up on reading here is like that fun book that you thought finsihed bu oh wait, theres still a few pages to go :) how are you? no mails lately assuming all is even keeled in our worlds.


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