Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chaand mera dil Chaandni Ho Tum

The other day there was a meme on Twitter ..something along the lines of IF PARTITION HAD NOT HAPPENED..of course there was much hand wringing on the Super Cricket Team,  driving down to Lahore for Iftaris..but looking back at the year so far I would be meh..nothing would have changed. Perhaps we would have had twice as many Ruet e Hilal Committees failing to spot the Ramzan et Eid moon.
For now as Eidi may I leave you with some pics of our travels this year so far.
Uttrankhad nee Uttranchal and Orchha and Khajuraho from the enigmatic Madhya Pradesh
Tera Hai Na Mera Hai yeh hai Tehri Dam

Quick check for Mandakini frolicking under a waterfall. OK beta this  is Gangotri and the other -dhams

Khajuraho--and the blush of an apsara's  cheek.  Uff  the karigari  of  yore

Jahangir Mahal, Orchha

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?--Orchha division

For you know Ladies Parks are so  last year

Jahangir Mahal, know the Changa Manga of yester year . Some things dont change  

The Mile High Club Then and Now

Rough cut. Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) 

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