Monday, August 27, 2012

Wah Wah Raam Ji Jodi Kiya Banayi

So we spent the Eid long weekend in Goa..just as the first community to fast would have. Should have! My mother in her Eid phone call said something along the lines of Wah! What An Achievement For The Family. Hamare Khandaan Me Ye Tou Kisi Ne Nahi Kiya Hoga. Hill stations yes, having the family lunch in a restaurant yes. Going to the village, done that. But Goa, no not that.
She is funny that woman, seriously funny.

So coming to the jodi,  though Goa has us all impressed on many many fronts. (enough to ask Gman some 3456.478 times So Why Dont We Live Here? Why Cant You Work From Here? ) Also moaning to my friends Dhatkar Hai Aisi Zindagi Par where you have to sleep in a bed that is not a four poster lace canopy optional, your clothes hanging in a wooden armoire, your feet stepping on a mosaic floor.
What Really Had Me Going Wow! is how cars (and the occasional scooter) are so color coordinated to their surrounds. 
One Sunday afternoon as the lanes siesta-ed, the  strains of an opera wafted through lace curtained windows, mid afternoon sonatas rather than (hangs head in shame) dhinchak dhinchak , mai aur mera camera aksar ye baate karte

Peace Out Bro! Its Sukh Sagar Haven of Peace Indeed

Yes, Mera Wala Peela

Oh how the green of the scooty picks up the foliage in the hanging baskets. Kamaal Hai

Not Fantastic1 Not Knock Your Socks Off. Just Appropriate. Munasib si Taleem

Oh The Crisp Clean Lines

There will be other pics from the trip ..and hopefully Goa inspired words popping up.
For after a long long time being domestic in Delhi we have started embracing travel again.
On moments like this I channel my inner Juhi Chawla making her debut in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.
ab qismat ne hume aisi rah pe daal diya hai ke na jaane kab tak yoo gol gol bathakte phirenge tou thoda bahut ek doosre ke baare me jaana acha hota hai
Acha hota hai na (Insert Puppy Dog Eyes)
Some people memorized their Physics Notes
I stuck to filmy lines.
As I Happy Houred in Goa, my thoughts did flit to them for a moment or two and I wondered a little how  that worked out for them

Now my song for today.
Its cliched
Its very 80s
But then I would not have it any other way

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  1. Hi Aneela:

    Here is wishing you and your family a happy Eid. Glad you had a great time in Goa. I have heard many a descriptions about the place, but never one that mentions about the way in which the cars are color-coordinated with the buildings.
    Loved looking at Goa through your colorful lenses.

    Warm wishes



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