Thursday, September 06, 2012

Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya Har Fikr Ko Dhuain Me Udhata Chala Gaya

Scenes from a South Delhi Household

The Man returns from the armpit of North East India braving rhinos, mosquitoes and people we cannot mention because of confidentiality clauses.

I am sure in most households the Returning Hero is greeted by hugs, prayers, food, perhaps a hot drink.

In ours by a Three Year Old making for your legs screaming  NOW PLAY WITH ME.

And a sharp nosed shrew 

You are stinking. Have you been smoking?

(You may remember an earlier incident where a Have you been smoking, had been fielded with an amateur 
Nahee yara, beykaar may X moonh may phoonk raha tha Someone kept on blowing smoke down my throat

This time the You are stinking. Have you been smoking?
was met with a 
No. Why? Should I be Smoking?

The Three Year Old jumps around the house 
Should I be smoking? Should I be smoking?

Of course not. I scold him, followed by a Kiyoo beta? who smokes?

I think what he wanted to say was Dude I am Three Years Old. I Just Thought It Was a Cool Word.

But he plonked himself in his chair  and flung his arms Mama I dont even know what is smoke.

Clever. Very Clever.

But then there are nights when he keeps running away from the bed, pulling up the blinds. Let Me Check If It Is Morning Time and just as I am ready to doze off he will pry open my eyelids Mama You Were Right It Is Still Night Time

On nights like this we write
And remind ourselves

And listen to this.

I am really not sure whether it is Dev sahib or the cigarettes.
But all ye who sleep tonight
You are Missed.


  1. Should I be smoking????? And what?

    Kya zaroorat hai, when a post from Aneela leaves me sky high!

    Loved this:)

  2. Hahahaa.. He is the cutest 3 yo!! And I could really picture that scene in your home!:D

  3. Mama, you were right. It indeed is night time and the party's still on


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