Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi aisi to na thi le gayaa chheen ke kaun aaj teraa sabr-o-qaraar?

...but it is true, I might have been reticent about writing about certain issues in the past but never shied away from logging in. As Gulzar wrote for Aandhi "Waise to amaavas pandra dinon ke hothi hai, lekin is baar bahut lambi thhi ", so why am I taking these long breaks?

And what did I do in these long moonless nights?
Whiled away days in Phuket, Bangkok, Berlin, Budapest, Helisnki, Amritsar, Goa
and brief periods in Delhi
(cue in Haiii!)

But I could have been sitting in my study in my chair as I do now
Coaxing my words off the ledge
Thinking Thinking Thinking
What Next? What Next?

What will be my legacy? 
Why have I lost the plot?

But today it is difficult.

Today we will go through my album for the past couple of months

We went to the aquarium and reptile house in Berlin yesterday.
" So what do you want to see first?" I ask him. "MOSQUITOES!" he tells me
This is Helsinki. Suomenlinna to be preciseCan't tell you how tempted we are to fire A all the way to Estonia

Hvitträsk, Kirkkonummi
Oittaa. Could there be more consonants?
Burnt to a crisp in Budapest. Or as Bhansali would rush to assure you Italy
The Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Tsunami for Change Slogan would be a total fail here in Khao Lak

Kar Doo Status Update? Having Lunch With The Wahe Gurus in Amritsar?
Ruet e Hilal Committee Goa Branch..waiting waiting waiting for the Eid moon to be sighted
Ek Tum Hi Nahi Tanha Ulfat Me Mere Ruswa Is Sheher Me Pindi Mardan Se Mastane Hazro Hain. I believe for a certain amount your pledge becomes a part of living history at the Golden Temple. Amidst the ubiquitous grants from martyrs and military units posted to the city; there were also interesting stories . Who were they? Saw pledges from Pindi. This one mentions a thou rupees from Sangat Peshoriya!
Also 51 rupees from  Bibi Sant Kaur and Kaka Jaswant Singh from Mardan.

I was in Amritsar to pick up my niece who you may remember from her trip to Melbourne in 2009. This time she was crossing over from Wagah/Attari...such an interesting time to visit, though I realise the young may have no occasion for history.
some thoughts as I wait this side for her to cross over.

# The morning had started with watching Sur Kshetra on TV. Ghulam Ali et Asha Bhosle singing duets over the expanse thats Runa Laila squeaking Bangladesh Ko Na Bhuliye!Stuff writes itself.
..#Ok Attari paar. Zaara mode on.
.#Me (to the driver) Next time please take me to galli where Manto lived
Driver ji: Aap next time aayengi aap ko kuan dikhaonga jahan Luv Kush ke kapde dhule
#Sister and me fight over Whatsapp across Wagah. This could make for a lovely short story.
#Lovely songs on at the Attari Passenger Terminal. KARMA ka soundtrack . Assuming they are Dilip Kumar Nutan fans
#It starts raining They take down the Indian tiranga Stops. Fly it again. And I WOULD GET exhausted when my mum said take in laundry take out
#Guard telling me Ethru Baith jaa. Wapas nahi jaande wali aap di niece. My sister whatsapping me niece's A level results as they got out just then. Me shouting them over the customs to the niece.The things these borders hear.
#Guards congratulate me over her results!Fun!!
#Indian custom guard to niece: AAP KE ADAAB BAHUT ACHE HAIN. Niece : Thankss.(Whatsapps me: pssstt what's ADAAB? )

We all returned happily ever after.

I went up and down in the Shatabdi where at one point they served me heart shaped veg cutlets which I took as a very fortuitous sign.

Is se aage ki kahani koi na pooche.
Heart is heavy
Words go out to play Without permission
Prayers from me to you


  1. I love the border ki story. This WOULD make a GREAT short story. So inspiring. I have been thinking of taking a vacation to live in Old Lahore for a while - in my grandfather's home - the one I thought was chauvinistic to the core because of the male relatives that live there. Can't write about it if I don't live through it, thought, so have to make my way back there. You, on the other hand, ARE living this right now. Write, write, write, my friend.

  2. have u heards this same gahzal sung by runa laila, somehow I like that very much and another from runa laila ranjish he sahhi. have not been able to find more ghazals sung by her. do u know if she sang ghazals a lot and has a collection

  3. Aneeelaaaaaaaaaa...this post is soooo you!!!! :D
    Loved reading this!


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