Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Tis the season of PG Wodehouse. 
In fact I have contemplated calling up the newspaper vendor to cancel the dailies, replacing them with a Wodehouse each morning instead 
I approach the newspapers with a wooden spoon, poking them around a bit. They have delivered enough heart attacks; I now expect the horrors to slither out from between the folds of the paper . Groping, gliding. Waiting to strike me  down.
So yes I have rediscovered Wodehouse.
And I sit in the armchair chuckling.
And A sidles up "Why Are You Laughing,Mama?"
"Oh it is something I am reading. It is really funny, let me explain," and then looking at him, I add, a little bit unkindly I must say "But you cant read, can you? Yes it is very difficult to explain".
Patting him on his head "You learn to read OK and then you will understand all these jokes".

The next day, and the day after that, and the day after..A sits in his car seat, or is brushing his teeth, or is finishing breakfast or playing in the park and will burst into giggles. Like really full bellied, contagious laughter, and you ask him curious. "Why Are You Laughing?"
And he "Oh it is something really funny...but" and here he looks up at me, eyes glinting "But it is so difficult to explain. Oh look I have to take a bath".

So yes A :12 Mom: 0

This afternoon he settles down and placing his hands in his lap, asks me earnestly
" You know"
"My school..-----School" (Name withheld for I do not know the school's privacy regulations)
"They sing the ABC song. But they sing GHIJK Ellomennemmopee. What is this Ellomennemmopee? It is Ell Emm Enn Ohhh Peeeee. Ell Emm Enn Ohhh Peeeee. Why do they sing this Ellomenemoopee?"
" Cant tell. It is probably for when you grow up to  have something to blog about."

In other news we have a new driver who drove a Gypsy for the Dilli Police before.
Consider Project Extreme Makeover beginning now. Seat Belts for him check, Stopping at Red Light check. Kiyonke Madam Gypsy me Tou Ye Seat Belt Waghera Tou Nahi Tha. And Sir ko kabhi bhi kacheri jaana partha tou ye red light wed light....
But he is so polite. Always in our seva "Madam Koi Chinta Ki Baat Nahi"

So how have you all been? 
Let me sign off now with the only ABC I can remember


  1. Hum Saath Saath Hain was a film along with Hum Aapke Hain Kaun that ruined my real-life chances of being happy in ANY family because they created a decidedly WRONG expectation of BIG HAPPY FAMILY peppered with sharmeela Boollywood pyaar. Bloody bakwaas. I still love the cheesiness, though.

  2. You have a delightful young language-Nazi in the making! May his tribe increase!!!!!


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