Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Acha Tou Hum Chalte Hain....

Phir Kab Miloge you ask.
Jab Tum Kahoge.

Kahan, you warble hesitantly.
Wohiiii Jahan Koi Aata Jaata Nahi...koi traffic hi nahi hai page par.
But I hope you do.
Blogger has been Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with me in recent times so I am trying out this avatar for a while.
 Filmy Mama
A FaceKitaab page.
Filmy Mama (koi shaq)


Monday, January 27, 2014

Mai Madeira Nahi Peeti

Yashodhara Lal--author of the much loved JUST MARRIED PLEASE EXCUSE (my thoughts on both Lal and her work can be accessed on clicking on  the link) has a new project coming out. SORTING OUT SID, and to introduce her book she has a beer and meet the author meet coming up. Details of which I am cut pasting below, but you can read more going to 

I have been trying to think back about riotous beer stories from my Kabhi Technicolor Mostly Black and White past (to which my mum may say Chal hat jhoothi) and I am all Simpering Sri Devi "Mai Madeira Nahi Peeti"..of course I grew up in the shadow of the Murree Brewery estate. Arey, kiya ghar tha Bhandara saheb ka..kiya garden. Is jehan mai bhi jannat mili and thanks to the prayers of so many thirsty Pakistanis growing up in a "dry country" uss jehan mai bhi jannat.
Now if Yashodhara had asked me to blog about some crazy stories about people I have known and vodka ...oh the tales I could tell. Vodka for a long time had been the official drink of most Pashtun students. They tried telling them about rivers of milk and honey in the kingdom come if they went teetotaler, but I am sure everyone turned up their noses and went Akkh Thuu. Our Afghan escapades brought us many a bane and some boons. But it also brought a LOT of cheap Russian vodka, leading to a popular sentiment on campus that if you were to walk past Hostel # 3 "there lie the drunk on vodka Pashtuns" past Hostel #4 "there lie the drunk on religion Jamaatis" I dont know when their vodka met their Rooh Afza but  what was once home is now one volatile Molotov Cocktail. 

I miss my drunk but lovable buddies so.

I miss how one had turned to me mournful complaining about the good ol' days , when there was even honour among thieves, kiya milawat ka zamana aagaya , times when a man bought their vice of choice you knew what you were smoking so much adulteration nowadays, you never know what the young get addicted to.

I miss them. 

My Sid would have been a Sherdil.

They ask me at times why all the raised eyebrows regarding drinking even though Maulana Rishi Kapoor has been pontificating on COGNAC SHARAB NAHI HOTI . And I tell them God knows how hyperactive I am thanks to my genetic make up  , upar se ek drunk Pashtun? Na baba na.

But if I were.

I think it will be something like this.

So here are the very simple rules: 

1. Write a post (in about 500 words) on your blog about why you would like to readSorting Out Sid. (You will of course get a copy of the book when we meet) (If you go to the site you can access the book trailer, description and excerpt) 


Write a post ( in about 500 words) on your blog about any Funny/Embarassing/Awkward/Memorable Incident involving beer!

Extra points for being saucy, witty, funny since that is what the book is like!

2. The Team at HarperCollins and I will shortlist 10 Delhi-NCR based bloggers to join us at the Beer and Blogger meet. You'll all be treated to a fine afternoon hosted by the nice folks at The Beer Cafe

Not Delhi-based? Fear not! As before, I have kept 10 copies of the book in reserve for Non-Delhi based bloggers. You can participate in the contest with the same rules above and if your story wins, you will receive in the mail an author-signed copy too. (Note: they will not be shipped abroad, but you can win them for family and friends here!)

Keep the following in mind, please: 

1. The Title of your blogpost must be ''Sorting Out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest''
2. You must include a link back to this post somewhere in your post for your entry to be valid. (Let your readers find their way here and check out the contest for themselves!)
3. Please ensure you leave a comment to this post with a link to your entry ( Otherwise, how the heck will we find it?)
4. It is optional to include the book cover, book trailer or book description in your blog post. (You'll find them all right here.)
5. It is also optional to spread the word on social media about your entry to this contest, or to include the link to the book page on Flipkart 
6. Both points 4 and 5 above will certainly win you my love and affection, if not necessarily the contest ;)
7. The contest is open until 31st January 2014 only. The decision of the judges will be final. No late entries will be entertained. In fact, if you get your post up before 15th Jan,you may be one of the Early Bird winners to be announced on Jan 20th. So don't procrastinate - get going. Come on - there's free beer at stake! Ha ha. 

Look forward to getting your entries. All the very best! And remember, there will be 20 people who get free signed copies of the book (10 from Delhi and 10 from other locations!). So go on and let the beery ride begin! 

Cheers! *Clinking together of beer mugs*. 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Mere Dil Mere Musafir

Look at these images. Kitne khush. Kitne piyare. 

 These images are from October. 
Sri Lanka.
Island Paradise.
But what to do when you realise the serpent in paradise.
So much depression.
So much crying these past two months.
It seemed we may have to bid Dilli goodbye at one stage.
mere dil mere musafir hua phir se hukm sadir ke vatan badar hon hum tum dein gali gali sadayen types

As you all know I had made Dilli my Pindi. So so easy to play these mind games with myself.
Same Pindi (in diaspora) population. Pushto in the bazaar. Sweetpeas in the parks, and hoards of Afghanis on the street. Yup, it was the 80s and Pindi reprise. And me with my movie writing gig. And freelancing. And book projects. I was living the good life.

So months of tears, trials, tribulations. Crying in Calcutta, crying in Delhi, crying in Noida even as I welcomed Dipali to the NCR.
And as it happens in the movies by the end of the year it was a happy ending.
A family wedding.
Guwahati visit.
Sister and niece nephews visiting.
And the other nephew from Team "Loved From The Beginning"
And brand new cousins and second cousins Arhaan has been acquiring visiting us.
it made for a very Merry Christmas.
And this time I took him over to Amritsar as we bid goodbye to my family as they crossed the border.
And I came back with a new resolution.

tension dene ka
But that is a brand new story.
I am moving house.
This time one with an attached uncle aunty downstairs who wear carpet slippers, and play bridge every evening.
And there are cats.
I promise to be back.
And bring FUN ANEELA along.