Thursday, January 09, 2014

Mere Dil Mere Musafir

Look at these images. Kitne khush. Kitne piyare. 

 These images are from October. 
Sri Lanka.
Island Paradise.
But what to do when you realise the serpent in paradise.
So much depression.
So much crying these past two months.
It seemed we may have to bid Dilli goodbye at one stage.
mere dil mere musafir hua phir se hukm sadir ke vatan badar hon hum tum dein gali gali sadayen types

As you all know I had made Dilli my Pindi. So so easy to play these mind games with myself.
Same Pindi (in diaspora) population. Pushto in the bazaar. Sweetpeas in the parks, and hoards of Afghanis on the street. Yup, it was the 80s and Pindi reprise. And me with my movie writing gig. And freelancing. And book projects. I was living the good life.

So months of tears, trials, tribulations. Crying in Calcutta, crying in Delhi, crying in Noida even as I welcomed Dipali to the NCR.
And as it happens in the movies by the end of the year it was a happy ending.
A family wedding.
Guwahati visit.
Sister and niece nephews visiting.
And the other nephew from Team "Loved From The Beginning"
And brand new cousins and second cousins Arhaan has been acquiring visiting us.
it made for a very Merry Christmas.
And this time I took him over to Amritsar as we bid goodbye to my family as they crossed the border.
And I came back with a new resolution.

tension dene ka
But that is a brand new story.
I am moving house.
This time one with an attached uncle aunty downstairs who wear carpet slippers, and play bridge every evening.
And there are cats.
I promise to be back.
And bring FUN ANEELA along.


  1. We miss Fun Aneela, but will have Morose Aneela rather than No Aneela. Happy new year! Crying is OK kabhi kabhi, thora thora.

  2. I suddenly missed you and came to say hello. Also, tension jab dena hi ho, pliss to pass me by. Something tells me I do a good enough job by myself.

    Lastly, so glad you're staying put. Hugs, yaara.

  3. Best of luck Aneela with your what is it? zillionth? move:-) Love, love reading about your and Arhaan's adventures and intact, have read you for the longest time silently admiring your amazing memory to remember obscure and not hindi song lyrics, your humor even when discussing the most morbid stuff and the very bohemian chic travel lifestyle you lead with what appears like so much ease:-)

    Did you love Saadi Dilli or what? Well, you know what they say "If you love a place(or did they mean a man) that much set it free....", you know the rest don't ya:-)

    Arhaan has got to be the cutest kiddo I've seen in a long, long while. Woh mischievous aakhen, woh smile....I'd recognize him by those alone in a heartbeat were I to bump into him somewhere some day.

    Happy 2014.

    Deepa(another wanderer like you for many years who settled down only after her son turned five and had to be enrolled in kindergarten:-))

  4. Oh no no Deepa. I just move house NOT cities /countries but with the way the kid is tantrum ing it seems ir is!

  5. I missed reading you. Its like coming back to a favourite novel that you didnt realize you hadn;t read in a while!


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