Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My not-so sacred life day 1

I have to confess...despite my disclaimer in the blog post, there are some things that are sacred to me...Gman thinks its my obsessive compulsive disorder, but Im pretty "religious" about my books or classification of. So when you enter my house the first thing that greets you are books and other objects that are sacred to encyclopaedia that was a hand me down from an aunt (which is a time capsule of its own as I wonder of what was "true" circa 1950s and still made some sense in the 80s) and other inheritances over the years, Pesho's food dish, the "nazars" I collect, a witch (goddesses are soooo over rated), the Buddha that caused a run in with the customs for Gman in Indonesia...all my Heralds, Newslines, Friday Times that are my "letters from home".

The "real" books are in the living room...and the "jazbatee" novels in the spare room. Hell hath no fury as an aneela scorned when an over efficient Gman slots them in the wrong spaces.


  1. i love the idea of books at the entrance/foyer.. inshallah when we move into our home in the summers

  2. considering we are too *poor* to afford REAL art...and too modest to have a Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham type "family portrait" ...books in the foyer it was. And well books are the only sacred thing in my Salman R wrote in an essay havent most of us kissed books and bread/roti (dropped to the floor) before we kissed someone from the opp. sex?!!


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